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December 18
You're invited to
Family of Faith
Church for “A
Charlie Brown
Christmas” service.
10:30 a.m. 463 72
Street, Edson.

December 21
Edson Youth
Interagency (YIA)
presents Youth drop-
in bowling for ages
10-17 on December
21 at 2:00PM – A SPECIAL GIFT - The cast and crew of Holy Redeemer's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory received a very special gift
4:00PM 417 50 St, from some adoring fans in Mrs. McAndrews and Mrs. Simmons grade 4 class at Vanier. The class was doing a special
Edson. novel study on the Roald Dahl classic and were the very first audience members to see the play. As a token of their
www.edsonareaevent appreciation for how much they loved the show, they made a special 'thank you' gift. Here, Austin Frazer (Grandpa Joe), Quinn Larder (Willy Wonka), Morgan Steffler (Charlie Bucket) and Ava Simmons (Veruca Salt) show off the special gift
that will be displayed proudly in the Drama Room for years to come.
December 23
Edson Farmers'
of the 2016 season – Annual Free Christmas movie a hit
Market Society –
Last Farmers' Market
Friday, Dec 23, 2016
at the Edson by Deanna Mitchener
Friendship Centre
from 10:30am - 2pm. The 2016 annual free Christmas
Thank you to all who movie was another very successful Santa with the
came out this year and well attended event. The event volunteers and
and supported local! is hosted by the Edson and District
Chamber of Commerce and staff of the
sponsored this year by Repsol. Nova Theatre
February 1 Close to 150 attended the free during the
Join us for Winter event on December 11 at the Nova
Walk Day on Theatre to watch Arthur's Chamber's
February 1 all-day. Christmas. Annual Free
Sign up your school, Parkland Lodge cooked the hot Christmas
friends, workplace or dogs and the Parkland Lodge movie on
as an individual. To Auxiliary volunteers turned out to December 11.
learn more visit serve them. Everyone that attended photo Deanna had free hot dogs, oranges, Mitchener
or popcorn, a soft drink, and a candy
See Classified Page for
monthly meetings Santa even made an appearance
and activities to spread a little Christmas cheer.
Niton and Edson Wrestlers throw a party

by Deanna Mitchener just awesome," said Auriat. Niton Coach Richard Cronin, said, "This is
Assistant Principal Russ Keating, said, "When my fourth year being a coach. This year we have
On December 13 Niton wrestlers met up with we first opened our doors to wrestling many around 30 kids. It is a great feeling getting kids
Edson wrestlers for a little pre-Christmas party years ago, it was mainly older kids. Now it has out and active, and having fun. In Niton we don't
with pizza and friendly wrestling matches. The opened up to the community and we are seeing have too much for that age group kindergarten
Edson Gladiators Wrestling Club practices at younger kids getting involved." and up. Coming to Edson is an awesome
Pine Grove Middle School, so that is where the "We are very fortunate to have great coaches, opportunity for our kids, we appreciate the get-
groups met up on December 13. great staff coaches, community coaches, all great together and pizza party, thank you all very
Coach Anne Auriat said, "Pine Grove has volunteers," said Principal Keating. much."
opened their door to us and have offered a great
community partnership for at least the past 10
years. The school has always been very
accommodating and works to try and have things
ready to go for us, even if its last minute."
"We will be having a joint warm up with both
Niton and Edson kids. Then the younger kids
will go eat some pizza and the older kids will
start some matches and then they will all switch
off. It is nice for the Niton kids to come in and
experience a different location," said Auriat.
"We are building kids physical literacy. It gets
them physically active and gets them moving.
Some of these kids could not do a summersault
two months ago. To see how far them have come
and doing summersaults with no problem now is The wrestling club in Niton was invited to come to a Christmas pizza party and friendly wrestling
match with the Edson Gladiator Club on December 13. photo Deanna Mitchener
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