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Times Fun Times “Parkland

for Kids

s UMMER Vanier grade 5 students, with Food Bank A Student View

Volunteers, and Baker Hughes employees.
Vanier students took initiative and
Fun ONLY RUNS IF collaborated among themselves to start
“Operation Change for Children,” bringing in
over $700 for the local food bank. Baker
for Kids
Hughes commended the classes efforts by
bringing pizza. Baker Hughes also
challenged their office as well, raising over
$700 dollars and 97 pounds of food.
AN ARTICLE Submitted photo

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The Board of Directors, management Submitted photo
and staff would like to wish all of our members and their Parkland’s Performing Arts
families a wonderful and safe holiday season and thank “Parkland
them for all the fun wonderful memories over the past
year! We look forward to continuing to serve children and
families of the Edson Community in 2016. class production filled Perspective”

DID YOU KNOW?: The Club has a very popular AFTER
SCHOOL PROGRAM! Why? First the Club provides a safe with musical parodies A Student View
bus and walk system from each school, then provides a
healthy after school snack and then there is a ton of fun
and interesting programming each day! Spaces are still Submitted by: Danette Dickson
open call the club today for this quality child care program
Parkland Composite High School's Performing Arts class was pleased to help the
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: Teen Drop-in program on Friday McLeod River Primary Care Network with entertainment for their festive event on
nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13- December 5 held at the Edson Golf and Country Club.
16 year olds that want to be part of the Club's The Performing Arts class is an options course which follows a locally developed
programming one night a week. The program will offer a
safe, fun and comfortable place for youth to get together. curriculum. Students enrolled in this class learn about all aspects of theatre including
Some Teen Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-hockey, acting, singing, dancing, stage craft, technical theatre, makeup and so much more.
floor hockey and of course food. Check out Edson Teen Upon request, the evening's performance maintained a medical theme. The class
Activity Centre on Facebook for the weekly schedule. prepared two sets, the first set was filled with musical parodies used to introduce and
describe various medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, lab techs, medical
MENTOR PROGRAM: The Mentoring Program is for youth students, and of course patients.
ages 13-16 who would like to be carefully matched with a
mentor who is 18 years or older. They participate in one- Parodies included songs like “Nurse, Nurse Help me” sung to the tune of Ice, Ice
on-one activities in the community which can include Baby by Vanilla Ice, and “I'm Busy” sung to the tune of Happy, by Pharrell Williams.
meeting at the Club, Talisman Place, the Library, etc. It is With each passing song, laughter filled the room, the best kind of encouragement for
a one year commitment which is based on friendship, the student performers.
trust, support and fun! Mentors and mentees meet a
minimum of once a month and up to once a week, Following a dessert intermission, the second set included various medically
whichever works for their schedules. The Mentoring themed skits. The evening was a great deal of fun for all those involved. The students
Coordinator facilitates the relationship by remaining in used the skills they learned in class to create and execute a tailored performance, and
contact with the Mentor, Mentee and their family and should be very proud of their final product.
providing initial training and ongoing support for everyone Performing Arts teacher Mr. Simon St. Onge was very pleased with the evening
involved. Applications can be picked up at the Club. For
more information you can call 780-723-7240, email saying that “overall, the show was a huge success. We put a great deal of time in class preparing for the evening and the greatest reward for the kids came from the smiles
in the crowd.”
THANK YOU: RBC: After-School Project Grant, Coal Valley As a thank you, the McLeod River Primary Care Network donated a generous
Resources, Enerplus Corporate, Bittner Trucking, Kinette amount of $500.00 back to the Performing Arts program at Parkland School.
Club of Edson, Bonavista Energy, Conocophillips Canada
Resources This money will be used to offset the costs of their upcoming production of The
Addams Family Musical. Tickets for The Addams Family Musical go on sale for Parkland’s Performing Arts class during their production at the Edson
WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE:, Boys $10.00 each starting in January, and can be purchased at the school's office. Golf on December 5. Alijha Butler (sitting), Brooke Monroe, Keaton
& Girls Club of Edson & District It promises to be a fabulous show with lots of fun and kooky characters that the
whole family will love. “It's a great group of kids making this show come to life, Tabbert, Riley Birkett, Kayleigh Pacholok, and Grayson McKenna.
certainly not a show you want to miss,” said Simon St. Onge when asked about the Cast members missing from photo: Sarah Bowman, Adrielle Gabito,
production. Olivia Grant, Tegan Lynch, Nissa McDonnell, Samantha Panchyshyn,
The Addams Family Musical is showing in the PCHS drama room at 7:00 p.m. on and Monique Vezeau. Submitted photo
February 8, 9, 10, and 11. Don't miss it; be sure to get your tickets in the New Year!

Early childhood
Learning Nursery
School held their
Christmas Concert
on December 8. This
is one of the six
groups that sang
Christmas songs for
family and friends.
Photo by Sonia
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