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Holiday Wishes from all of us!

... ... we're sending your way.
If you're feeling warm
today, it's from all the love

Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like STREAM-FLO INDUSTRIES LTD.
5837 2nd Ave.
like a Chapster doll and some books the movie “How to Train Your Dragon II” Edson, AB, Canada T7E 1L8
because I love to read. P.S. I would and a DC toque and gloves and an Air Tel: (780) 712-5505
like a Mini Ipad and books, I love Hogs Atmosphere Ball. How are you Fax: (780) 712-5542
books. Santa I have a question? Did doing? How are reindeer? I'm having fun
Mrs. Clouse have to deliver the with my friends. I like math. I cannot
presents be for. And if she did that wait for the new science unit. It's going to
would be cool. be fun. Can you make my Rubik's cube
Yours truly, Mieka Kwasny back to it's original way? Love Jaymison

Talisman Energy would like to
Wishing you every happiness
wish you and your family a Wishing you every happiness
Dear Santa, For Christmas I would
this Holiday Season
like three items for Christmas. I Merry Christmas and this Holiday Season
would like a bean bag chair so I can sit
on it and watch TV, I would like a TV Happy New Year
for my room so when I get up I can
watch TV in bed. And last of all a Wet
Brush. It's a brush that helps you get
through your hair. How are the Please remember 4209 3rd Ave. 201 54 Street
Reindeer? 780-723-7244 780-723-7242
Yours truly, Kristen Aasen Don’t Drink
and Drive

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would
like an art set. Please can you make it
for me? I hope you can. I will be
good for the rest of my life. And
thanks for all the toys I got from you I A message from Talisman Energy Locally
might even still have some of them Committed, Community Focused
from a little kid. And I will not forget
to set out the milk and cookies.
Yours truly, Megan Mullin, Merry
WILDEN'S Service Ltd.
WILDEN'S Service Ltd.
723-4507 5521 - 3rd Ave., Edson, AB
5521 - 3rd Ave., Edson, AB

to you and yours!

Happy Holidays!


“Building a better community for
present and future generations.”
7440 - 4th Avenue Edson, AB T7E1V8
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