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The Scene
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for Kids
s CHOOL Parkland School's adaptation
Times of Aida draws large crowds s

The role of Egyptian
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS by Adrienne Tait challenges as well. princess, and Radames as the Paraoh. UMMER
Grade 12 student
O f c o u r s e , n o
betrothed, Amneris was
Kassidy Horvath starred
production can be
Students at Parkland
CLUB NEWS Composite High School as Aida. No stranger to performed by Jordan successful without the Fun
for Kids
the stage, Kassidy
Conarroe. Jordan's
directors, crew, and set
adapted Elton John and
Tim Rice's hit musical previously was involved musical theatrical designers all of whom
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada Aida for their school in several productions performances include devoted many hours to
production last week. including Willy Wonka roles in such productions ensuring the production
WHAT IS NEW?! The story featured and the Chocolate as The Muppet Show, ran smoothly.
The Club is excited to announce that there will be a Teen
ONLY RUNS IF Drop-in program on Thursday nights starting in 2015. This music by Elton John and Factory, Monty Python's Seussical: The Musical public performances on
The play was open to
Spamalot, and Aladdin.
and Aladdin.
told the tale of Aida, a
program will be offered to 13-16 year olds that want to be
Those who have
G a r r e t R o b i n s o n
part of the Club's programming one night a week. The
program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for N u b i a n p r i n c e s s returned to the stage this followed the PCHS December 11, 12 and
13th as well as daytime
captured and turned into
THEY SEND IN youth to get together. More details to come. If you or your a slave girl by an time as the Egyptian productions will have school performances,
business wants more information or to become involved in
s o l d i e r R a d a m e s . recognized a number of
and drew large crowds at
Egyptian soldier. Love
this new project please call the Club at 780-723-7240 or
email blossoms between the Garrett has also been t h e a t r e s t u d e n t s each.
T h e d r a m a a n d
returning to the stage
involved in a number of
captured princess and
AN ARTICLE SCHOOL HOLIDAY BREAK: her capturer and the pair p e r f o r m i n g a r t s i n c l u d i n g K a e t o n performing arts cast and
crew now look ahead to
The club offers Full Day Camps during the School holiday
productions including
Tabbert as Mereb,
must not only overcome
break from 8am to 6pm, some of the fun activities planned
is swimming, ceramics class, candy land, snow forts, their different stations Sleepy Hollow and the Samuel Pelkey as Zoser the annual one act plays
festival in the spring.
and Grayson McKenna
one act play Crushed.
sledding and ice skating. Call the Club to register but cultural and familial
Our Website:
Please check out and like the Club's Facebook page: Boys
and Girls Club of Edson and District!
Bittner Trucking, Mountainside Sales and Rentals, BonaVista
Energy Company, Edson Lodge #92, Fineline Stationery, Tim
Horton's Smile Cookies Donation, Investors Group, Edson
Senior Ice Hockey Club, JD Locating, Coal Valley Resources
The Board of Directors, management and staff would like to
wish all of our members and their families a wonderful and
safe holiday season and thank them for all the fun
wonderful memories over the past year! We look forward to
continuing to serve children and families of the Edson
Community in 2015. Photo: Adrienne Tait
A good place to be Zoser, Paraoh, Amneris, and Radames celebrate Radames return from fighting in Nubia with a feast.
Pictured are Samuel Pelkey, Grayson McKenna, Jordan Conarroe, and Garret Robinson.
Proud Sponsor of the
Edson Boys & Girls Club

Cree Chior singing Jingle Bells with teacher Mrs. Davenport at Pine Grove School Dec. 17.
Photo: Deanna Mitchener


Brendan Crawford is a grade 10 student who Addison Williams is four years old, she will be
attends Parkland High School. Brendan said, turning five on January 15. Addison said, “All
“Science is my favorite subject in school. I we have is a pet cat, her belly is black an her
work at McDonald’s Restaurant in the drive feet are kind of white. I don’t like playing outside
thru mostly. I’ve been there for almost a year in the winter, too cold. I like the color green
now. I enjoy biking when I get the chance and because when I was little, I kept crawling for
snow boarding in the winter months. I have green stuff. I love Chinese food.”
one younger sister named Jena.”

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