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Stressful holidays? For only $6500
For only $6500

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move into your
the Christmas ositive party so move into your
s e a s o n i s P you can
intended to be mental health spend time
new home January 2015
a joyful time with your
of year, I have Terri-Jean Baillie, B.A. f r i e n d s new home January 2015
found it can w h i l e
b e m o r e preparing *Some conditions apply
overwhelming than preparations, have for Christmas.
relaxing. With the long guests bring a dinner 6) S h a r e
shopping lines, the cold dish and communicate t r a d i t i o n s : K e e p
weather, the tight with your family what memories and traditions
budget, the multiple you need help with. alive by passing them
social obligations and 4) Take time for down to the younger
the extra-long to do lists, yourself: Something as generation. Share a
the joy of the Christmas simple as a hot bath, a family favourite recipe
season can easily get long lunch or a couple or activity and tell the
lost. hours with a good book stories of how they came
Balancing your stress can help you feel to be important.
can mean the difference rejuvenated for another 7) Help someone
between an enjoyable busy day. in need: It feels great to
season and a miserable 5) Spend time help someone in need
season, here are a few with friends: Invite a and is a good way to get
tips you can try: friend to come shopping into the Christmas spirit.
1) Budget wisely: or host a gift wrapping
Set a personal gift
giving budget and
i n c l u d e t r a v e l , RCMP reminder
decorations and food.
Pay for items as you go
to avoid a large bill in about drinking
2) Find the true
meaning of the season responsibly
for you: Whether it is
finding that perfect gift We had 114 calls for service last week. 16x76, 1216 sq. ft., Tuxedo grey cabinets,
for someone, baking lots
of treats, spending time With Christmas just around the corner, we pantry, black appliances fridge, stove,
w i t h f a m i l y o r want to remind everyone about drinking dishwasher, microwave. 3 bed, 2 bath.
decorating for the responsibly. So if you want to go out and
season; find what it is party it up, arrange for a sober driver or take Siding is storm in color with black trim.
that helps you to enjoy a cab. Together we can make this a safer
the season. community
3) S h a r e t h e
chores: Even young Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110
children can help with Sgt. Jack Poitras

A Clean Shave Clean Shave

The Other Side Hair Studio invites you to get involved in A Clean Shave for Cancer.
Start off the New Year right! January 17 , 2015 at The Other Side Hair Studio
You can:

Combination Pink Hair and Shave
*Color your whole head pink January 12 and shave it off January 17 .
Shave off all hair

Donate 10inches* or more of hair (cannot be lightened/bleached*)

*In accordance to the Locks of Love hair donation guidelines

Color hair partially pink
Color all hair pink

Get a pink extension, minimum $20 donation per extension

All proceeds go to Edson Breast Cancer Support Group
There will be a photo booth and glitter tattoos!
Please register and pick up pledge forms at The Other Side Hair Studio, 511 50 street.
Registration due by December 20 . For more information please call The Other Side Hair Studio at 780-712-5521

Thank you! not just a salon...but also a full spa service
The Other Side Hair Studio

To all our clients for

their continued support Get the best of both worlds

you can check us out at book an appointment on Facebook by clicking the appointment
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