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Connecting and Pampering Day at Reflections

by Cassie Kushniruk people this time of year,” O'tool began, Among those working the event to make it
explaining the bigger picture behind the reasons enjoyable for the attendants, most were
Visiting the spa is an effective way to relax and for holding the event. “A lot of people don't volunteers. “A lot of organizations have come,”
rejuvenate after a long day. However, this luxury know what the Primary Care Network does, and said O'tool. “Some are Primary Care workers,
is definitely not inexpensive, so some people are you can see that we have a lot of different but for the most part, they're volunteers.”
left without ever having the feeling of getting a services. It's about raising awareness.” Students from Parkland Composite High School
manicure or a foot massage. The small building ended up hosting 37 people volunteered as nail and makeup artists for the
Edson's Reflections partnered with the Primary for the pampering day, which was more than event, happy to be a part of raising awareness.
Care Network, as well as other local institutions, O'tool had expected and hoped for. “We were The attendants were all smiles as they were
to give back to those in need with a pampering hoping for 25,” he said. “37 is a significant pampered and cared for. Out of this event, O'tool
and connection day on December 14 at amount for this event.” hopes to hold similar sessions in the future.
Reflections. “We're here with a lot of partners,”
said Paul O'tool, a registered social worker, and
one of the main coordinators of the event. “The
Town of Edson's here today, The Yellowhead
Women's Shelter as well, and HIV West
Yellowhead will be here later on.”
The inside of the building was lined with
different stations ranging from makeup, nail care,
hairdressing, and yoga, to registered nurses,
social workers, and flu shots. “Our nurse gives
advice on blood pressure, diet, that sort of thing,”
O'tool explained. “Our foot care nurse really
goes to town on the feet; we've got nail care and
hand massages. It's a pamper day, but it's got
more of an outreach to it.”
Members registered had the privilege to visit all
stations for no cost, and were even entered to win
door prizes at the end of the session. Comfort
packages were also given to each attendant, each
packed with a hand knitted blanket, and other
essentials such as toothbrushes. “We got lots of
donations given to us,” said O'tool. “They're all
tailored for gender and age.”
Although this type of event calls for those who
are homeless to participate, O'tool makes it clear
that is not the only case. “This is geared towards
people who can't necessarily afford a pamper
session for themselves. It's not just for homeless
people, it's for people on low income or our
clients who find it hard to access these things.” Coordinators Paul O'tool and Carla Beneke handing out donated care packages to attendants
“Our goal is to raise our profile, but also to help during Reflections Connecting and Pampering Day on December 14. photo Cassie Kushniruk

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