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The Scene



January 3
The Youth
Interagency is
organizing a free
drop-in bowling
for ages 11-17 at
Edson Bowl from

January 7
Come on out to
Willmore Park
from 12-2pm for
some fresh air fun
such as
tobogganing, Thanks went to the volunteers who helped served during the 9th Annual Feel the Spirit Christmas Meal on December
hiking, hot dogs, 17th. photo Deanna Mitchener
etc. It is free to
attend as it is Ninth Annual Feel the Spirit Community Dinner
sponsored by by Deanna Mitchener organizations to enhance the quality of life for our community
Bannister GM. is a priority for the Town of Edson Community Services and the

The holiday spirit was in abundance at the ninth annual Feel FCSS team. We are very grateful to have this opportunity to
January 11 the Spirit Community Dinner held at the Edson and District partner with the Olive Tree and their many volunteers to host
Reflections will Recreation Complex on December 17. this wonderful community event."
The Sundance room was busy with family crafts, activities
be hosting their The event was free for all to attend and enjoy, with great food and gingerbread cookie decorating, and Setzer's sleigh rides are
Annual and festive activities such as cookie decorating, crafts, music, always a big hit. Mr. and Mrs. Claus join in spreading cheer and
sleigh rides, and so much more.
Celebration This marks nine years that Chef Ramzi Fakhreddine and handing out candy canes to everyone.
Supper at the Tammy Flanders have spearheaded this festive community Jim Desautels with the Town, said, "I just wanted to add that
Reflections Adult event. we greatly appreciate the opportunity to enhance the quality of
life for our region's residents. Together with our partners at
Drop in Center. It "As always, it's a great success when you see all the smiling Yellowhead County we are working hard to engage our
is a free event and faces coming in. According to the door counters around 1,200 residents and make the greater Edson region, an inclusive and
came to eat and we had over 200 meals dished up as takeout
will start at 5pm into the community.," said Flanders. thriving community."
and go to 7pm. "We are so grateful to our partners and sponsors for helping Chef Ramzi said, "Five days of preparation went into cooking
us put on this community event and making it enjoyable for all everything and having it all ready to serve. We cooked 46
February 7 ages. We have former staff that come back year after year to turkeys so a good 1,333 pounds of turkey, 550 pounds of
potatoes , 25 large trays of stuffing, veggies and lots of gravy."
Come to Repsol help. We thank everyone involved for it really shows how a "This year we didn't have as many volunteers but we did have
community pulls together. Really that's what it's supposed to be
Place for a 45 about; take time during this busy and stressful time of year and Town Councillors come out to help which is good, the manager
minute walk reflect what Christmas is truly about. We want to wish everyone of the Recreation Complex Dan and his family, and the Food
through the trails a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2018," says Tammy Bank. Each year the volunteers are getting smaller and the ones
that help are volunteering longer hours to ensure everyone is
at 12pm-1pm. To Flanders. looked after. We are so thankful to those that do come out to
FCSS Manager Tanya Byers said, "Collaborating with other
follow you can volunteer each year," said Ramzi.
buy a soup, bun
and a hot drink.
You can sign up
your school,
friends, workplace
or as an individual

See photo Deanna Mitchener
Classified Setzer's Sleigh Rides were out in full swing during the 9th Annual
Page for Feel the Spirit Christmas Meal on December 17th.
and Tammy Flanders and Chef Ramzi who spearheaded
activities the Feel the Spirit Community Meal, seen here on
December 17th with Santa. photo Deanna Mitchener
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