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Parkland School's Escape Room s CHOOL

challenge fundraiser

by Miranda L'Hirondelle receive money off from their total cost. “We want Times
to help locally and then help people in Costa Rica
The Environmental Science Class and Kevin as well,” said Andersen.
Andersen at Parkland Composite High School
have come together and organized another escape
room at the school every Monday to Thursday
from December 11 to the 21st.
They ran one in October for Halloween and
they raised $1000 and they are expecting to raise
the same amount this time. “It costs us about
$500 to build and then we make $1000 to profit,”
said Andersen.
You can expect different levels of challenges
in the escape room such as, puzzles, hidden
objects, things written in invisible ink, some
physical things you will have to do and even
“The escape room was so much fun. There
were clues that all of the kids could help find and
solve and it was challenging for all of us. The
clues and puzzles were varied, requiring each of
us to think 'outside the box' and use our different
strengths to solve,” said Helena Kwantes one of
the participants who attended the escape room.
“It is a community service project for the
Environmental Science Class as they are going to
Costa Rica in July,” said Kevin Andersen. They
are going to plant mangroves there, which is a
shrub or small tree that grows in coastal saline
They are adapted to life in harsh coastal
conditions and contain a complex root and salt
filtration system to cope with the salt water
immersion and wave action. “They are coastal
shrubs that can live in salt water and stop The Kwantes family (back L-R) Ian, Rory, Helena, Breanna, (front L-R) Elliott, Ethen and Mara
shoreline erosion,” said Andersen. were enjoying the escape room and its challenges on December 12. “We left excited and
They are also collecting food bank items from discussing the experience over and over. Kevin and his students did a fantastic job, and we would
people who are attending the escape room and highly recommend this cool experience,” said Helena Kwantes.

Wonderful Wooden Toys at HRH's Winter Wonderland

by Lara Felsing toy sale. The two-day There are twenty-five workshop at a time. the wood for the c a m p i n g c h a i r s ,
event featured students Industrial Arts students Grade ten student Jaden b i r d h o u s e s a n d camping games like the
On Friday December s e l l i n g a u t h e n t i c between two senior Langridge enjoys the jumbling tower games dice game, washer-toss
1 5 a n d S a t u r d a y handmade wooden toys high classes and one skills he's learning in (similar to Jenga), had games and other fun
December 16, the Holy with all proceeds going junior high class at the Industrial Arts b e e n b u i l t u s i n g things you would use in
Redeemer Industrial towards purchasing a Holy Redeemer, with program. "I think this is reclaimed wood from the summertime."
Arts Department hosted new 3D printer for the t w e l v e s t u d e n t s a useful class because shelving no longer being Almost $800 was
a Winter Wonderland IA Department. occupying the class we can possibly use it used in the IA workshop raised over the two-day
after we graduate." and computer lab. sale. If you didn't have a
The sale also included IA Teacher Mike chance to stop by the
palette trees, wooden Bachinsky is planning Winter Wonderland toy
block balancing tower on making the Winter sale and would like to
games and birdhouses Wonderland toy sale an donate towards the
along with wooden annual event. Bachinsky purchase of a 3D printer
airplanes and puzzles also has a few projects for HRH's IA lab,
like your grandparents planned for the IA donations can be
may have received Spring classes. "We're brought to the school's
when they were small going to do different office.
children. Over 90% of types of lawn chairs,


Korbin is eight years old and attends the
Fulham Community School, and is in grade
three. Math is his favorite subject and purple
is his favorite color, popsicles are what he
loves to eat the most. Korbin says "I want to
be a D.J. and play lots of different music
when I grow up. I would love to travel to
Mexico some day. I like to play soccer and
I'm hoping to get a paint ball gun for
Kids Make A Difference is sponsored by:
Sand & Gravel Sales/Hauling

Quality Work
Max Steffler (left) and Rinard Pasion assemble wooden airplanes in Serving Edson & District Since 1974
the HRH IA workshop. photo Lara Felsing
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