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Edson RCMP apprehend 23

individuals during

outstanding Warrant Project

E d s o n R C M P w a n t e d o n police believe a crime
recently completed a approximately 40 has been committed and
warrant execution outstanding warrants. apply to the courts for a
project, where 23 During the project warrant in the first
individuals wanted on officers also checked instance, where an
some 42 outstanding condition adherence of accused person has
w a r r a n t s w e r e persons on release, and failed to attend court as
apprehended in order to ended up locating one required (both known
Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence• resolve their court manwho has been as Form 7 warrants), or
Permanent Resident•Photos & more The Edson Kinettes were busy on December 15 putting their matters. c h a r g e d w i t h w h e r e a p e r s o n
Christmas Hampers together before the holidays... committing two new convicted of a criminal
They had well over 400 toy bags for kids from newborn all the way up to 17 O n T h u r s d a y ,
DROP IN AND SEE! years old, for this year. They hand out the hampers based on family size and December 14th, 2017 criminal offences. The or provincial offence
inquiries made during fails to pay a fine
Edson General Duty
build the food bags as: small (1-2 people), medium (3-4 people), large (5-6
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson people), extra-large (7-8 people). They also had a couple two extra-large (9- (GD) and General this project also led to amount in the period set
two individuals turning out (known as a Form
10 people), and a 5XL (15-16). They had 270 applications filled out and just Investigative Section
780-723-5787 over 40 walk-ins. “Basically there is no food leftover at the end of it. The Food (GIS) officers teamed themselves in the 21 warrant).
following day.
Bank shows up at 2:15 p.m. and loads up what is left. If we end up with any up and arrested 21
Edson RCMP are
“We've committed to committed to public
The Weekly Anchor extra toys, which is very minimal, we store it to use for next year,” said Mary- persons who were r e v i e w i n g o u r safety and will continue Edson Funeral Home
Anne Bittner with the Edson Kinettes. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle
outstanding warrant to diligently work
FireSmart resumes in Edson files and tracking down towards resolving FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH
t h e i n d i v i d u a l s outstanding warrant
w a n t e d , ” s t a t e s files. If you have any
Residents may notice small controlled burns and clear deadfall from wooded areas around the Constable Andre Orton information on the Must stay on page 7
light equipment in the area north of the soccer pitches community, better protecting it in the event of a of Edson GIS. “This w h e r e a b o u t s o f
and Parkland School starting as early as today. wildfire. project has ensured person(s) wanted on
The FireSmart program is designed to help thin and Please stay clear of the area while work is underway. these matters get warrants, please contact As per Sue
resolved or brought Edson RCMP at (780)
back before the courts 723-8800, or Crime On right hand side
in order to hold the Stoppers anonymously
offenders accountable.” at 1-800-222-8477 or of the page
Warrants are typically o n l i n e a t
i s s u e d i n t h r e e http://www.crimestopp
instances, such as when

Yoga Classesoga Classes
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January 8, 2018
4702 3rd Ave.

Monday or Wednesday 9 am

Tuesday or Thursday
5:30 pm

Call Sharon McCaffrey


The FireSmart program has resumed in Edson near Parkland School.

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