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Wildwood Seniors


50th Anniversary

(1967 - 2017)

submitted Esther Johnston

What a ride! Fifty years have flown by since
October 25, 1967; the day of Incorporation for
the Wildwood Senior Citizens Club.
Thank you to the dedicated people giving
time and effort to guarantee the continuation of
knowledge, service, and social amenities for
seniors and students in the community. Congratulations went to the Yellowhead County Fire Department Graduation Class of 2017 during the
Congratulations to everyone selflessly giving special event held Nov. 23. From Left to Right (new recruits in blue): Back row: Mayor Gerald Soroka,
Councillor Dawn Mitchell, Michele George, Justin Considine, Matt Joyal, Kevin Labrie, Justin Palmer,
back to residents of yesterday, today and Councillor Wade Williams, Councillor Penny Lowe, Councillor Shawn Berry, Director of Protective
tomorrow! Services Albert Bahri. Front row: Training Officer LT. Gabriella Sundstrom, Training officer Captain
A group of people gathered in the Wildwood Corinne Grant, Darius Kruger, Cody Greenstein, Abraham Chacko, Training Officer Brenna Smyrski,
Community Hall on October 28, 2017. Captain Dan LaChapelle. Not in attendance recruits: Brian Yacke and Erika Moore.
Dignitaries from the various levels of
government, federal, provincial and municipal,
We made a list
participated in the celebration with this
affiliation. Many reviewed the photo albums, We made a list
put together by Connie Gatzke, to honour the
and checked it twice ...
members, functions and events over the years.
Charlotte Winters welcomed everyone who and checked it twice ...
came to share in the afternoon event outlining
the service provided to seniors and community.
You're invited
She introduced Margaret (Jean) Riehl, You're invited
President of the Seniors' Club. Jean gave an
historical overview then turned the festivities
'cause you're so nice!
back to Charlotte.
Charlotte introduced Anna Hutchison, Vice 'cause you're so nice!
President of the Seniors, who was nominated
for the Seniors Minister Award this year. Jean
presented her with flowers as a token of
Presentations were made by MP Jim
Eglinski, MLA Oneil Carlier, Yellowhead
County Mayor Gerald Soroka, President DATE
Margaret (Jean) Riehl, and Toni Yurkovick,
Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
Seba Beach Seniors. Plaques and certificates
were presented to Jean for the seniors to Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
commemorate this distinguished milestone and
TIME: 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.
to Anna for her nomination for the Seniors'
Minister Award. Jean was presented with a TIME: 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.
Canada 150 pin, which is a limited number pin
made from copper from the roof of parliament,
for taking on the leadership role supporting the
Charlotte thanked Yellowhead County for the
grant to cost-share this function, and to the PLACE
Royal Bank of Canada with a donation on
The Edson Recycling Depot
behalf of its staff volunteerism by Charlotte The Edson Recycling Depot
Winters. The donation was utilized to
purchase the new sign over the entrance to the
(5237 1st Avenue)
Wildwood Senior Citizens Centre. She (5237 1st Avenue)
introduced the current Executive, the previous
Executive members who were attending
Free Draws, Goodies,
today's celebration, and all members who have Free Draws, Goodies,
volunteered hours and time.
Opal C. Buckland, previous President and
Coffee etc.
Rose Quast, previous Treasurer, were asked to Coffee etc.
cut the cake. Opal and Rose deserved the
recognition for many years on the Executive.
Charlotte spoke of members who were not here
Westhaven Choir: 12:15-12:45 pm
due to various circumstances, who have given Westhaven Choir: 12:15-12:45 pm
their time and efforts as well.
Thank you to the Wildwood & District
Agricultural Society for the beautiful flowers
that dressed up the table; to Evansburg Bakery
for the cake, to Dawn Cacka for the
photography of the event, to Elmer Riehl and
Band for their musical entertainment, to the
members and friends that celebrated the day,
and to the dignitaries for their kind words and
presentations! Thank you to the dedicated
volunteers over the years that made this
notable day arrive!
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