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Summers Drilling
Summers Drilling
Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
drilling and water well repairs.
drilling and water well repairs.
Town closer to approving 2018 budget
PASSPORT PHOTOS & MORE by Adrienne Tait administration said there may also Solar lighting for along the trails Tiffin and Hillendale trails are
be changes to the Recycling is not included in this year's well used and enhanced safety is
Professional Digital Passport System photos As the new Town Council moves Center's needs which was part of budget but was suggested by priority. Councillor Sorensen 4405 50 streeteet 780-963-1282
4405 50 str
ready in minutes while you wait... closer to passing their first budget the reason for not including a Councillor Bevan as a future inquired about obtaining trail Stony Plain, AB
Stony Plain, AB
markers to help users identify
project with support from Mayor
one concern remained while
several others, originally raised at capital budget for this year. Zahara. CAO Derricott said the their location in case of
Councillor Sorensen said he
the November 14 Committee of would be in favour of waiting
the Whole meeting, were until spring.
addressed. Administration was requested to
The remaining issue was the find a way to include a $100,000
proposed budget did not include budget for the Recycling Centre's
any capital budget money for the capital projects while keeping the
Edson and District Recycling proposed tax increase at 2.9%.
Center. The operational budget The 2017 budget was passed, by BILL MITCHELL
for the centre is still in place but the previous council, with a 0% Sales Representative
the proposed 2018 budget would increase to property taxes. The
not allow for additional capital 2018 budget brought forth by
projects funded by the town for administration originally proposed Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
the center next year. a 3.5% tax increase to start 15205 - 112 Avenue
When asked if the identified
blind view priority list, which includes a new replenishing the reserves Edmonton, AB T5M 2V7
following last year's belt
forklift, new roof for one of the
sheds, and asphalt for the Take It tightening.
Council requested administration
window fashions or Leave it, were items which limit the proposed increase to Edson Funeral Home Cell: 780-984-2224
were going to be “needs” or if
2.9% which administration was
Toll Free 1-800-252-7500
Fax: 780-447-5317
they were wish list items for 2018
able to do. Director of Corporate
Phone: 780-453-452
2017 Ads Mayor Kevin Zahara explained Services Sarah Bittner presented FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH
that the Edson Recycling Center
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Council with an updated budget
uses that capital budget to allocate
replacement funds for equipment on November 28. Adjustments
included updated information
such as the forklift. Mayor Zahara regarding benefit amounts for As per Sue
pointed out that by not having the 2018, salary adjustments for the
parking lot at the Take It or Leave Executive office, reduction of the On right hand side
October 23 It paved the Town is in breach of Recreation Complex major of the page
their own bylaw.
maintenance budget, and an
Councillor Janet Wilkinson, a
strong advocate for the Recycling increase from the contingency
November 13 Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence• Society, said she, “Would like to spring as it is every year.
The mill rate will be set in the
see $100,000 included in the
Permanent Resident•Photos & more
budget for their capital budget.”
Included in the Town's capital
December 4, 25 pickup and curbside organics budget for 2018 is the resurfacing
With the changes to garbage
of the playground area at Kinsmen
DROP IN AND SEE! expected to come in the spring Park. The park currently is pea-
gravel which can be problematic
for parks crews as well
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson Blind View as the spray park.

780-723-5787 Window Fashions FOR RENT!OR RENT!


The Weekly Anchor Custom Window Treatments $1375/month. Sign a 1 year lease
$1375/month. Sign a 1 year lease
since 1988
and get for $1275/monthnd get for $1275/month
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember

This wonderful home
wants to welcome you.

You will appreciate the
open concept, three
DUCT CLEANING bedrooms and two full

Furnace & Water Heater bathrooms. The master
bedroom can be your
Repairs & Replacements
Financing Available OAC special retreat.
780-728-4584 Don’t hesitate. Let’s make Creekside
Conveniently located to serve your new home.
Edson, Niton Junction,
Wildwood, Evansburg,
Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110
Mayerthorpe, Entwistle C

Credit Union ad

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