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Incidents of violence between youth

concerning for Edson RCMP

Edson RCMP are concerned about violence Police. The firearm was found to be a training one. No charges were laid as a result. No one was
between youth after two reported fights over the replica, which made it easily mistakable for a real harmed in either incident.
last month involved weapons. firearm, unless closely inspected. “We want to urge parents to discuss violence,
On November 25 the School Resource Officer As a result, a 12 year old youth has been charged threats, and weapons with their children,” states
(SRO) was advised of a fight that was going to take with possession of a weapon dangerous to the Staff Sergeant Peter King. “Every person from the
place in the Town of Edson among youth from two public and uttering threats. He is expected to youth, parents, and resources like our SRO have a
schools. Police attended the scene and subsequently appear in Edson Provincial Court at a later date. vital role to play in keeping Edson a safe
located the youth. Police learned that during the In the other incident, a large group of youth and community.”
incident an imitation firearm and fake brass young adults gathered after posts on social media If you become aware of a planned violent
knuckles were produced. Both items were seized by led to an organized encounter in Edson. Police encounter, do not hesitate to contact Edson RCMP
located the youth involved and seized a knife from Detachment at (780) 723-8800.
Town proposes zero increase in budget

Wage freeze for management and 0% tax increase for 2017 planned

by Adrienne Tait increase down to 0. The real hard work was done last year which has
Mayor Greg Pasychny said, “Over the last 13 put us in a better position to respond to the
blind view November 29, town council reviewed the years we have seen three to five percent current economic times.”
At the Committee of the Whole meeting on
increases. The reality right now is the bulk of our
The interim budget will come before town
proposed 2017 interim budget.
council at a regular council meeting prior to the end
community is taking a decrease in wages. Many
The interim budget does not include school or
window Evergreen's requisitions but rather focuses on the companies are cutting wages in order to save of the 2016 calendar year.
jobs. We have tightened our belts and pushed out
a zero percent budget. I would rather do zero
municipal needs for 2017.
Town CAO Mike Derricott said, “This is
fashions certainly council's budget. Administration has percent than have to roll it back.” Blind View
The budget factored in a 3% wage increase for
Window Fashions
just prepared the budget based on direction from
CUPE employees. Councillor Wilkinson noted
council coming from retreat.”
Director of corporate services Sarah Bittner that as the collective bargaining agreement has
not been reached and there is a possibility that,
presented the zero based budget to council which due to the current economic environment, that
was presented with a 0% tax increase for 2017. increase could be less than 3%.
Council had directed town departments to keep One decrease in budget that stood out for two Custom Window Treatments
January 4, January 25 their budgets at 2016 levels where possible, councillors was the drop in postage costs which is since 1988
expected to decrease by $37,510. Electronic
introduced a wage freeze for management and
out-of-scope employees, project based items are
billing, digital media, and departments tightening
February 15 to be funded from the revenue sharing amount their belts were all contributing factors in the 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
received in 2016, and $150,000 is to be
Derricott said, “I have to commend council.
transferred from the contingency fund to bring the
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