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Seniors Transportation Bus vandalized; gas stolen

by Deanna Mitchener The bus drivers do a walk around of the bus hose and pay to have someone install it."
before and at the end of their shifts to inspect the "We have been very fortunate that the town

The Edson Seniors Transportation Society exterior. At the end of the shift on November 29 allowed us to park the buses out here. But it may
(ESTS) had their bus vandalized on November the driver of the bus noticed a large spill of be time to reach out to the community to see if
29, for the second time in less than a month. gasoline on the ground along with some broken anyone has a more secure location that the busses
hose belonging to the bus.
The society has two busses which they use to could be parked on a regular basis and locked up
transport seniors and other community members The driver called a board member to let them so this doesn't happen again," said Barembruch.
around town. On the off hours the busses are know. Board member Dale Barembruch went out A lot of the money to operate the bus is done
right away to have a look and to report the
stored out at the town yard near the overpass. through fundraising with volunteers and
incident to the local RCMP. He spoke to residents. "If it wasn't for the support of the
The busses have had two separate situations Constable Alex Ayres who will be investigating. Town of Edson and the generosity of local
where someone has vandalized the bus by Barembruch said, "Not only do we loose the businesses with donations we could not operate
braking off hoses and siphoning gasoline from gasoline from the bus, but we have to replace the the Edson Seniors Transportation Bus," said
the bus.
Barembruch. "We are asking members of the
community if they have or hear any information
on this vandalism to please contact the RCMP."

Summers Drilling
Summers Drilling Importance of Victim

Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling
Impact Statements

A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
Summers Drilling specializes in water well by Deanna Mitchener feeling and what they have been
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
drilling and water well repairs. experiencing since the crime. What
drilling and water well repairs.
If you have been a victim of crime they have had to cope with, if they
are you aware that you can write a are having trouble sleeping, eating
victim impact statement for the or may have difficulty
courts? concentrating. How you are feeling
If you are a victim you may not about yourself and those around you
know how to write a statement or such as your family and friends,"
are under stress and unsure of what said Talpash.
all needs to be in your statement. "When writing about the physical
Colleen Talpash, program manager impact the individual may wish to
4405 50 street
4405 50 street 780-963-1282 with the Edson and District Victim write about how they were hurt or
Stony Plain, AB
Stony Plain, AB www
On November 29 the ESTS Bus was vandalized and gas was stolen. photo Deanna Mitchener Services, says, "Victim impact any medical problems they have as
statements are important for the a result of the crime," said Talpash.
courts to consider. These statements "Everything mentioned in the
give the victim of a crime a chance victim impact statement must be
to tell the court how the crime has truthful, accurate and relevant to the
personally affected them. The crime of which the accused has
statement can include how the been found guilty. After a finding of
crime has affected the individual's guilt and before sentencing the
mind and body, affected them victim impact statement can be read
financially and their sense of in court. It will be at that time that
security." the judge will consider the victim
When writing about the emotional impact statement when deciding on
impact of the crime the individual the sentence," said Talpash.
can touch on how their life changed For more information call Victim
or the lives of those close to them Services and speak with Colleen
since the crime. "They should Talpash or Donna Watchel at 780-
remember to include how they are 723-8813.
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