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Pine Grove's Monster
Fun Times Book Fair surpasses goal “Parkland
for Kids
A Student View
thank staff from
by Deanna Mitchener
Pine Grove Middle festival of trees this
next week. Each class
Jocelyn Pettitt, School and A.H. will have a different
Liberian at Pine Grove Dakin School for theme and will decorate
Middle School, was their support and a tree to have on display
thrilled to organize her help during parent in the library. What a
first book fair since
teacher interviews.
ONLY RUNS IF becoming the new Also I really would great way to utilize the
library, not only for
school Liberian this
like to thank A.H.
year. The theme for the Dakin School for reading books, but
classes get to do their
THEY SEND IN book fair was Monster letting us re-use school work in them,
Book Fair.
t h e i r a m a z i n g
many displays and an
"The book fair was a
success, we surpassed Monster Props. over all great place to
Rather than just
relax and spend some
AN ARTICLE our goal of $4,000 and getting rid of the time.
props, it was nice to
our total sales reached
"The kindergarten
$4,531. Students and
staff really pulled recycle and use them class from A.H. Dakin
for our book fair,"
will be coming here for
together with last said Pettitt. a snow carnival here
minute sales Friday The library was and they will be able to
morning bringing us up doing free gift see the mini festival of
On November 26, Kaiden Rowand who loves to read, was joking around $800. I had 23 students wrapping during the trees in the library," said
with the monster display set up for Pine Grove’s book fair. With Kaiden is volunteer and two book fair, and they Pettitt.
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS Librarian Jocelyn Pettitt. Photo by Deanna Mitchener wonderful parent are looking forward
volunteers. I like to
to doing a mini

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada GYPSD focuses on bus safety training

The Club has a very popular AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM! Why? First
the Club provides a safe bus and walk system from each school, by Mikaela Kuefler
then provides a healthy after school snack and then there is a ton
of fun and interesting programming each day! Spaces are still open
call the club today for this quality child care program 780-723- Grande Yellowhead Public School Division began their school bus safety
7240 evacuation presentations November 24 at Westhaven School, and on November 26
at Vanier Community Catholic School.
MENTOR PROGRAM: The program, which will continue until Christmas break, is being taught by
The Mentoring Program is for youth ages 13-16 who would like to Michelle Bowman who works for the Transportation Department of GYPSD.
be carefully matched with a mentor who is 18 years or older. They
participate in one-on-one activities in the community which can The presentation serves as a refresher for drivers and students offering consistent
include meeting at the Club, Talisman Place, the Library, etc. It is a methods and bus safety information. Students, teachers, and bus drivers are shown
one year commitment which is based on friendship, trust, support an evacuation video, then taken out to see the danger zones all around the bus and
and fun! Mentors and mentees meet a minimum of once a month talk about safety.
and up to once a week, whichever works for their schedules. The
Mentoring Coordinator facilitates the relationship by remaining in Danger zones are the areas around the bus where pedestrian accidents are mostly
contact with the Mentor, Mentee and their family and providing likely to occur. “Everyone participates so everyone gets the same message. They are
initial training and ongoing support for everyone involved. all learning to evacuate a school bus properly,” said Gail Prokopchuk, GYPSD's
Applications can be picked up at the Club. For more information director of transportation.
you can call 780-723-7240, email The teachers, who are also bus supervisors, are been given safety vests and bus
supervisor tip cards. Safety tips include lining up children according to bus route and
RBC: After-School Project Grant, Coal Valley, Enerplus Corporate anyone who enters the danger zone should be redirected away from the school bus.
Supervisors should "never allow students to run beside, behind or crawl under the
WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE: bus” according to the Traffic and School Bus Safety Tips.
Boys & Girls Club of Edson & District This program is a continuation from bus safety week, which was October 19-23.
Members of GYPSD and from Alberta Traffic Safety were out educating motorists,
KINDERCLUB: For 4.5-5 year olds students, parents, bus drivers and teachers about school bus safety. This program
What does KinderClub do? Well they have gone swimming, includes everyone because “everyone is responsible. Parents, schools, bus drivers
bowling, gymnastics, tour of the museum, story time, crafts,
baking & much more. There are still spots available. Kinderclub and kids,” says Prokopchuk. “Its not just in the bus, it's around the bus,” said
operates on non-kindergarten days. Prokopchuk. Students at Vanier practise bus safety evacuation procedures as part of
Statistics show that most fatalities and injuries occur during loading and GYPSD school-wide safety training. Photo by Mikaela Kuefler
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: unloading of passengers.
Teen Drop-in program on Friday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This
program is offered to 13-16 year olds that want to be part of the
Club's programming one night a week. The program will offer a
safe, fun and comfortable place for youth to get together. Some
Teen Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-hockey, floor hockey and KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
of course food. Check out Edson Teen Activity Centre on Facebook
for the weekly schedule.
Holly Seibel is a delightful nine year old, who is Nathan Minderleim is a wonderful eight year old
A good place to be going to the Fulham Community School and is boy, who is attending the Fulham Community

723-7240 in grade four. Holly said "I really like art class, I School and is in grade four. "My favorite subject in
am really good at it too. My hobbies are drawing
school is gym class, because it lets people get and designing up new cloths. I have a younger active and stuff, because some times you might be
brother named William in third grade. I just can
really jettery and stuff. I like to eat pizza, and my
not decide which I like better, it is either favorite color is blue and I really like biking on my
Proud Sponsor of the cheesecake or chocolate. I think Christmas is peddle bike. At Christmas I really like how people
really nice because I get to see all my family and
get together and give each other presents. I would
Edson Boys & Girls Club friends like to be a gamer when I'm done school, so I can
go to competitions

Kids Make A Difference is sponsored by: Contributions to
“Kids Make A Difference” focusing on youth in our
Sand & Gravel Sales/Hauling community are welcome. Send picture accompanied by

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