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Pioneer Cabin entertained by ‘The Great Plains’

by Deanna Mitchener with other favorite tunes. Rather than playing a few
sets, the two entertainers did a longer set and then
The Pioneer Cabin welcomed Saskia and Darrel socialized over an array of goodies with guests that
Delaronde back for another night of great attended the event.
entertainment on November 26. Gail Vankosky, office manager at the Pioneer Cabin,
Darrel and Saskia call themselves the 'The Great said, "The cabin has plenty of activities happening any
Plains' and played a fabulous mix of Canadian music. give day of the week. Between crib and whist card
The couple now lives in Courtney B.C. and enjoy games, floor curling, music jamborees, soup and
touring the countryside. sandwich deals every Tuesday, tea and bake sales, craft
Saskia said, "We just did a week in Saskatchewan sales, sometimes a group will go out on bus trips for
and now a week here in Alberta, then back touring special functions, and we get entertainment once in a
around B.C. and will be home for Christmas." while like The Great Plains - there are lots of things for
"Music has been our whole life, taking a few breaks seniors to do all year long."
to raise a family, we have always traveled and enjoy it Anyone can rent the hall for special occasions, you
very much. Our kids love music but unfortunately they can call Gail at the Pioneer Cabin office at 780-723-
do not play any instruments themselves," said Saskia. 5777 or email her at They do photo Deanna Mitchener
Darrel and Saskia opened the night off with some catering and sell homemade meals to members. If you The Pioneer Cabin welcomed back 'The Great
Christmas tunes. They said they never get enough time are new to the area or would like more information Plains' band for another night of great
to sing and enjoy playing Christmas music, so this is please feel free to contact Gail and she will be happy to
the time of year they combine Christmas carols along assist. entertainment on November 26.
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