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Turn-key thriving coffee shop business on
busy Yellowhead Highway with drive-thru
lane. Fully equipped and staffed. Long-
term lease available. Adjacent to Alpine
Health Club, Edson’s largest gym.
Surrounded by 4 hotels and the provincial
By Yvonne government building. Dependable
catering revenue as well.
MLS 37222 $245,000 MLS 35638 $429,000 OFFICE LEASE $1155
INDUSTRIAL 660 sq. ft.

By Maureen By Marie

Municipal Development Plan passes second reading

Concerns raised on behalf of Edson’s arts and culture supporters

by Adrienne Tait believed council should a 6 5 / 3 5 m i x o f Pasychny said new than rented is something Council will review the
accept the plan. residential to non- developments could be Mayor Pasychny said bylaw following the
Town council passed However, the lack of r e s i d e n t i a l t a x subject to architectural council would consider public hearing and
second reading of the reference to arts and assessment base as c o n t r o l s a l t h o u g h if approached by a written submissions and
municipal development culture in sections 3.3, opposed to the current existing neighborhoods developer. consider changes prior to
plan (MDP) bylaw 3.3.2, and 10.1 with 72/28 mix, cultural and would be addressed on a The MDP calls for the bringing it back for third
following a public r e g a r d s t o t h e recreational community go-forward basis. gradual phase out of and final reading. If
hearing on December 1. i m p o r t a n c e o f n e e d s , e m e rg e n c y The desire expressed mobile homes in the passed, the proposed
The plan had not been recreational facilities response personnel by members of the public Glenwood subdivision. implementation date for
reviewed since 1998 and and development of a requirements, and at previous forums for The lots in Glenwood are the new MDP is January
w a s d e v e l o p e d master plan was a encouraging a “suitable areas where mobile typically larger than the 1, 2016.
following community concern to Zahara who mix of housing” in homes are permitted but lots in the newer areas of
e n g a g e m e n t , spoke on behalf of the Edson neighborhoods. the lots are owned rather Edson and best use.
s t a k e h o l d e r a r t s a n d c u l t u r e According to the MDP,
consultations, Matrix supporters in the gallery. “New relationships
Planning consultation, “Recreation is great and between governments
and a review of existing i s i m p o r t a n t t o and fluctuating funding
policies. development,” said sources are forces
The MDP is intended to Zahara, “But so is arts innovative ways of
guide the town's growth and culture and both operating.”
and development over should be treated with When asked about the
the next 25 years. the same recognition as plan for a mix of multi
During the public both are vital.” and single family
hearing community Zahara also pointed out residential properties
member Kevin Zahara that Edson was referred Mayor Pasychny said,
addressed council with a to as a city in Appendix “Studies and surveys
few concerns regarding 2. have shown that people
the plan as presented. I n c l u d e d i n t h e prefer a mix.” Hillendale
H e b e g a n b y priorities identified for was cited as an example
commending council on the town are the need to of effective land use
the development of the upgrade water and sewer blending of single and
f o r w a r d l o o k i n g systems, a goal to pursue multifamily residences.
document and said he

Kevin Thurner volunteers his time at the Edson and District Public Library for
their weekly games night held on Fridays. Kevin was reading out some
instructions on how to play Dominion. photo Deanna Mitchener.
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