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Parkland Lodge residents may move to BANDIT.

old hospital during Lodge expansion several
He’s one of

kittens we
by Adrienne Tait during construction is it estimated the project currently have
timeline can be completed in two to two and a half
At the December 1 council meeting Mayor Greg years as opposed to three or three and a half. Mayor available for
Pasychny updated council on the Parkland Lodge Pasychny said another benefit was residents would Foster to
expansion and work of the Evergreen's Foundation. not be disturbed by the construction noise, improved
Mayor Pasychny had recently taken part in a tour kitchen facilities for staff while in the hospital, and Adopt.
of the current hospital in order to help determine if increased space. They would
moving all of the residents to the old hospital while Parkland Lodge had stopped taking applications
the expansion was happening at the lodge would be for residents but reopened the process when they all love a
feasible. learned of the funding delay. permanent place to call home.
With a delay in grant funding the Evergreen's Because of the ability to move into the current Contact EARS to find out more
Foundation applied for and received approval for a hospital Mayor Pasychny said some waiting list
different grant which meant the project was back to applicants will be able to move in early. There is about our sweet kittens.
the drawing board and construction tenders. currently a waiting list of approximately 40 people.
However the delay in funding approvals opened The move is not without its challenges, one of the
up the possibility of moving all lodge residents to biggest being the lack of showers in the hospital. Visit
the old hospital as the new hospital is expected to be “There are very few showers in the hospital that is for more information.
up and running prior to Parkland Lodge the biggest hurdle we have,” said Pasychny, “We Sponsored by: THE WEEKLY ANCHOR
construction. know we have to do some TLC but we can't disturb CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
“It provides some challenges,” said Mayor the floor or the ceiling because it has asbestos.” Satellite TV sales, installs, service Custom T-Shirts! A d i D n yone Say...
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer
Pasychny, “but it is better than having our residents It is hoped construction on the expansion can John’s cell 780-723-0147 discounts available
blind view on site and it gives more options for construction.” begin late summer or early fall. Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm All Full COLOUR! RIDE?
By moving all of the Lodge residents offsite
window Bring your pictures & Ideas!
No additional cost
fashions Farmers raise voices in opposition of Bill 6 BORN
continued from front GOLF DON’T TELL ANYONE
“Deserve the same b e e n t i t l e d t o survey. proposed “factory farms have no idea what those happen some preventable WORK YOU SAW ME
July 20 b a s i c w o r k p l a c e compensation and with producers and the will thrive and family regulations are going to and other not. “How G a r d eners
B u t a g r i c u l t u r e
businesses will go under.
be,” said Soroka, “When
protections enjoyed by
does legislation protect
the legislation employees
August 10 workers in all industries.” would be permitted to o p p o s i t i o n p a r t i e s This is going to be a you read it you have to against stupidity? It CEREAL
maintain community and
take it for what it is.”
The omnibus bill would
nightmare. We've
doesn't,” said Soroka.
join or form unions.
industry consultation
The bill doesn't outline
already lost the oil and
T h e A l b e r t a
During her speech
August 31 remove farmers and Sigurdson said, “We should have come before gas industry and now any exemptions or give Association of Municipal Spread the Best Dirt
ranchers from the
the Bill was presented
clarity to regulations and
they are going to attack
workplace exemptions. know that harvest season
Districts and Counties
September 21 Sigurdson said there does not fit neatly into an and the wide sweep of agriculture? They are the lack of information has put forth a request to 5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787
eliminating exemptions
t h e p r o v i n c i a l
going to shut down mom
has led producers to
were 24 farm related
eight hour day and the
October 12 deaths in 2014, “We want calving season to a does not take into account and pop operations.” examine worst case government to have a
statutory holiday.” unique situations such as
Runn said that under
proper consultation with
to ensure these deaths do
the family farm.
regards to the legislation
Occupational Health and
“They [the provincial
not go uninvestigated.” Sigurdson went on to
November 2 By requiring farms to promise consultation Runn said she is angry Safety regulations she government] want to and has requested the
Local farmer Ellen
will be required to pay
push it forward quickly
w i t h f a r m e r s a n d
carry WCB insurance
provincial government
November 23 families or workers stakeholders and asked and predicts that under minimum wage to her son and are saying 'trust us slow down and protect
t h e l e g i s l a t i o n a s
that helps on the farm
we've got your best
the family farm.
injured on the job would
for input via an online
West Yellowhead MLA
December 14 THE WEEKLY ANCHOR doing chores. With work intentions at heart,'” said Eric Rosendahl did not
day restrictions and no
Soroka, “and they could

be telling the truth but
man power to operate in
wish to comment on Bill
24 hour shifts calving
with nothing in writing
6 ‎as of press time stating
amendments pending by
hard to know.”
time an animal is hurt
Custom T-Shirts! THIS WEEK’S FEATURE season, harvest, and any and no consultations it is “ t h e r e a r e s o m e
outside of the regular
Soroka said there is no
the government.” MLA
eight hour work day
one aspect of the Bill that
t h e r e h a v e b e e n
A d i D n yone Say... Mint Homes Ltd. could present a problem. stands out as most Rosendahl added that
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer “A cow gets hurt and problematic as many “miscommunication
discounts available
you can't legally load scenarios such as a issues” surrounding the
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? them and take them to the teenager taking care of Bill and he wished to
his or her 4-H calf, or
vet because you've
reserve comment until he
n e i g h b o r s h e l p i n g
had all the important
already worked your
eight hours? This is not a neighbors in times of information.
9 to 5 job - it is a lifestyle. need would all be Ontario removed its
Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas! We understood there impacted as the Bill Occupational Health and
No additional cost would be days with no stands. Safety exemption in 2006
sleep. We knew it was
O n e c o n c e r n i s
and Prince Edward Island
going to be four o'clock insurance and ensuring in 2007. Alberta remains
mornings,” said Runn. that any neighbour who the only jurisdiction to
The increased costs to
BORN This 2409 Sq. Ft. Ranch Style Bungalow has everything you need in a country home. The exterior small farms for insurance offers to help is insured not make the adjustment.
and is OHS complaint.
WCB coverage is not
and wages could lead to
“We were not informed
mandatory in several
with its different roof lines and pitches along with a covered front veranda give this home a warm
GOLF welcome country feeling. The great room has a vaulted ceiling with a plant ledge in the centre. increased costs at the properly, there was no Canadian jurisdictions
grocery stores and local
The great room is open to the dining room and kitchen. Double garden doors from the dining room
consultation,” said
for agriculture workers.
lead onto a large covered rear deck. The large country kitchen features a walk-in pantry, phone
farmers markets warns
Soroka who said he is
O n t a r i o p e r m i t s
desk, a lunch counter and ample cabinet & counter space. All four bedrooms are a nice size. The
disappointed that the
agricultural workers to
flex room could be used as an extra bedroom, exercise room, craft room, etc. The large master
There are over 900
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE bedroom has two closets and a five piece bath. The laundry room has a large window, counter f a r m s w i t h i n t h e current government unionize, but does not
space and upper cabinets. There is a two piece bath off the garage entrance, so no need to enter
promised increased and
extend this right to
the main part of the house when working in the garage or outdoors . The oversized two car
proper consultation
Yellowhead County
collective bargaining.
garage has room for a work bench and still room for a full size truck. The two overhead doors are
borders and Mayor
during the election but so
Some jurisdictions do
10'x8' high. The boxed out window has been added to break up the wall from the front. This plan
G a r d MOM has a 4' crawl space foundation but could easily have a full or walk-out basement. Gerald Soroka has heard far has seemingly failed maintain exceptions or
to deliver on that
f r o m n u m e r o u s
Plan: 2009488
v a r i a n c e s f o r t h e
agriculture producers and
Member of National Home Warranty Program has concerns himself “I fail to see how these i n d u s t r y. T h o s e
exceptions were not
CEREAL Phone: 780-723-2330 regarding the NDP's changes are going to outlined in the original
proposed changes.
provide farm safety or
changes to Bill 6.
protect the worker,” said
“They can present the
Approximately 43,000
Fax: 780-723-5068
KILLER!! Email: b i l l b u t i t i s t h e Mayor Soroka. Farm Alberta farms stand to be
regulations that give the
accidents, as is the case
impacted by the bill.
power and control. We
with any accident, will
Spread the Best Dirt
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787
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