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Second degree murder trial held over B

by Adrienne Tait investigation culminated in RCMP arresting four 2007 CADILLAC SRX V8,AUTO,
individuals, retrieving three stolen vehicles, one LEATHER,
Edson resident, 37 year-old Christopher Ronald person (who had jumped from a moving vehicle) AWD
Community Edward Harrison, was scheduled to appear in Edson being sent to the hospital, and the eventual arrest of 15-405A $ WAS 14,999
court on December 1 as he faces a charge of second
Patterson had been previously released on his own
in Action degree murder in the death of 42 year Preston Goulet recognizance with a number of conditions due to (780)-723-3351 NOW 10,999
on November 11.
by Isabella Sellar Voll Harrison's attorney addressed the court and charges laid while he was still a youth. The crown
requested the case be held over or two months. presented Patterson's five page youth record as MATS & COVERALL
The crown prosecutor agreed with the exhibit one.
recommendation and said, “With recent events in Patterson's defense attorney requested a six month RENTALS AND SERVICES
Edson Major Crimes is slammed.” Given the nature sentence and told the court Patterson had been - Email us your invoices and we’ll guarantee to
Blind View of the file both councillors agreed more time was attending school with the hopes of becoming a beat Alsco and Canadian Linen prices on mat and
required to ensure full disclosure.
mechanic and said, “When he is intoxicated he does
Window Fashions than normal adjournment” and the first appearance stupid things. This is something he does not wish to coverall rentals and services.
Judge Donald Norheim consented to the “longer
- Easy and clear prices without added
do again.” The attorney reiterated the request for a
was scheduled for January 16, 2016. six month sentence with credit for days served. environmental, delivery or fuel charges whatsoever.
- We have a seamstress on site for all repair needs.
Custom Window Treatments Judge Norheim said, “Good luck…. When you - We offer wash (lower prices) and dry or
since 1988 Robert Parkinson was back in court via CCTV look at his record he broke every condition of his drycleaned.
on December 1 with regards to a firearms offence release.”
forfeiture order. Parkinson was ordered to provide Patterson said, “I know I am responsible for my - Best prices on F/R and regular coveralls in stock.
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember written authorization, or a bill of sale as required, to situation. When I get released I want to turn my life
780.542.0898 his representative in order to retrieve his firearms around.”
(which have been in police custody since the Judge Norheim said, “I would have more or call DAVID at 780-517-2727
October 31, 2013 firearms offence) within the next confidence if you hadn't violated your release. You 108 50 Street, Edson
blind view 90 days or they will be forfeited. have a five page youth record. You don't have much
credibility when you tell me you've turned over a
Parkinson is one of the persons charged with the
window murder of Patrick Whidden near Peers last new leaf.”
December. He has been remanded into custody
Patterson was sentenced to six months for the
fashions awaiting his April 6 preliminary hearing. charge of theft, granted 48 days credit for time
served, and four months for the possession charges
Jason Patterson appeared before the Edson to be served concurrently with the motor vehicle P INSTALLATIONS P
provincial court via CCTV on December 1 where he theft charge.
pled guilty to a number of charges including theft, Judge Norheim then spoke to the various breaches * Furnace Replacement
July 20 possession of stolen property, and failure to comply of Patterson's release conditions and sentenced * Residential Heating Packages
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
Patterson to 90 days for each failure to comply with
with conditions.
August 10 assistance from a county resident whose F250 had conditions to be served concurrently with each other * Electronic Air Cleaners
On October 31 Edson RCMP received a call for
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
but subsequent to the previous sentences with no
* Sheet Metal Work
August 31 been stolen but was being tracked via GPS. The FREE ESTIMATES
September 21 Triple homicide ends with arrest Email:
October 12 continued from front 4640 3 Avenue Authorized Dealer Phone: (780) 723-3553
Edson, AB T7E 1C2
Fax: (780) 723-3552
November 2 issued for Bailey. triple homicide is (ASIRT) has a mandate
an arrest warrant being
investigation into the
t o e f f e c t i v e l y ,
November 23 RCMP attended the ongoing however Supt. independently, and
objectively investigate
location, which was in
Steinke said, “This
December 14 “close vicinity to the i n v e s t i g a t i o n w a s incidents involving
Alberta's police that
murder scene,” with the
resolved in such short
warrant to arrest Mickell order in large part have resulted in serious
Clayton Bailey, age 19 of because local citizens injury or death to any * Furnace Replacement
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
Edson, for first degree stepped forward to help person. They are * Residential Heating Packages December 3rd Edson & District Chamber
murder in the deaths of RCMP in order to help us c o n d u c t i n g t h e * Electronic Air Cleaners of Commerce Santa Claus Parade
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
Roxanne Berube and an get the job done.” investigation into the * Sheet Metal Work
unidentified teenage The Alberta Serious shooting of Bailey. FREE ESTIMATES Christmas
female, and second Incident Response Team Parades are
degree murder in the exciting to
death of Daniel Miller. watch, with
No additional charges
are expected to be laid at S. McLean all the lights
this time. and music. If
Attempts to arrest the you want to
suspect peacefully failed CONTRACTING be watching
and Bailey sustained from a particular spot, be sure to arrive early.
serious injuries when he Ensure everyone in your group has a clear
was shot by police. GRAVEL SALES vision, so young children do not need to jump in
Bailey was armed at the
t i m e . H e w a s order to see the floats they may slip and fall.
transported to hospital in Keep an eye on children not to run into the street
3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2”
Edmonton for treatment 3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2” they might be hurt by passing entertainers or a
of his injuries. No other float that may not see them, or the street is icy
gravel for sale
persons were injured. gravel for sale and they may not be able to stop. Ensure
Inspector Glavin said, children are dressed in layers for cooler
“We believe this was a temperatures this time of year. As a parent let
Also riprap & pitrun
sole person acting Also riprap & pitrun
alone.” RCMP are not the inner child in you shine as well, It is a
searching for any beautiful time of year so let the children hear you
additional suspects. cheer.
Glavin said the RCMP
Residential and
have an understanding of Residential and Recognition from Early Childhood Matters goes
the motive but that out to everyone that took the time to put a float
information will not be in this years Christmas Parade. They are a lot of
farmer discounts
released at this time as it farmer discounts
is considered key work, so thank you all for lifting the community
evidence, “I will, spirit this time of year. Children of all ages love
however, say that the watching parades, even the adults.
accused was known to Call Derek 780-300-4868
the people in the
residence.” Email:
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