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The Scene A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events The Scene

December 5 Opening night for HRH Robin Hood
Come visit Santa at
the Galloway Museum by Adrienne Tait the performance.
As is often the case the
from 1 pm – 3pm. Sword fights, comedy, supporting cast often
Crafts, cookies and romance, drama - HRH stole the show. From
Christmas cheers! For Drama Department's Friar Tuck's musical
A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on more info call Shari production of Robin performance, to the
McDowell at 780-723-
Hood delivered on all its
Bishop's penchant for
food, Much's fun loving
The Scene December 5 Larry Blamire, follows comedic timing, and
The play, as written by
Little John's deep growl,
Pinedale Hall annual
the well-known “steal
m e m o r a b l e p e r -
Christmas Bazaar
the poor” plot line. delivered by all.
from 10 am – 2 pm. from the rich and give to f o r m a n c e s w e r e
For table rentals call Students from HRH The set design was
Cindy at 780-723- performed 10 shows in impressive not only for
1809. four days for the sold out i t s a r t b u t i t s
theatre. functionality.
December 6 Strong performances Auditions began the
Fulham Community were delivered by Sam s e c o n d w e e k o f
Centre will be hosting Houle and Jillian September with cast and
Austman as the opening
crew working after
a Senior Supper doors night's Robin Hood and school three or four days
open at 1pm Maid Marian. As in per week with extra
previous years the lead p r a c t i c e s d u r i n g
December 13 roles are shared with occasional lunch hours. FONT MISSING
Pinegrove Hall will be a c t o r s a l t e r n a t i n g Director and producer
having a Christmas performances. Jaryd Peter Taylor said, “These
Social from 10 – 3pm. Taylor and Tamara kids know how to put on
Santa will be visiting Everett also play Robin a show…. They go out
from 11 am – 2 pm, Hood and Maid Marian. there and give it their all.
and horse drawn Quinn Larder played The work you saw
sleigh rides from 11 the evil Sherriff of tonight is proof of that.
am – 2pm ($2 per ride Nottingham. Larder's They put on a good show
per person). vast range of facial and I am proud of them.” Robin Hood (Sam Houle) and Maid Marian (Jillian Austman) share a special
expressions and flair for Taylor said the older
See Classified Page for moment in the action-packed theatrical production of Robin Hood. The performers
monthly meetings drama shone throughout students often help guide continued the tradition of strong HRH plays with a sold out run from Dec 2 to 5.
and activities
Submitted photo.
the younger actors. “For who looks for something HRH's thirteenth major THE WEEKLY ANCHOR
every minute of stage that they have not been production.
fight it takes about an done before but story Cast and crew received
hour of rehearsal,” said lines that are popular or a standing ovation
Taylor. For the Robin w e l l - k n o w n w h e n following their opening Custom T-Shirts!
H o o d p r o d u c t i o n choosing the next night performance. $19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer A d i D n yone Say...
students were able to use
Christmas stage swords so the clink Robin Hood marks discounts available
of metal against metal
Farmers’ Market resounded throughout All Full COLOUR! RIDE?
the theatre.
Every year for the past
few years the annual
Date: Sunday, December 13, 2015 production has sold out Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas!
in a manner of just a few
days and this year was no No additional cost
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm exception. With a sold
out theatre and a
successful production
AT annually Taylor said, ESCAPED BORN
“It's not about raising the
something different GOLF
every year. I gave up
Over 50 tables of new & old vendors. trying to outdo the show
year in and year out and FORCED TO DON’T TELL ANYONE
Santa (12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm) try to do something WORK YOU SAW ME
“We can make a lot of
Door Prizes things work in the theatre G a r d eners

Admission: $1 we just have to be
creative,” said Taylor
T h e e v i l S h e r i f f
Nottingham (Quinn
Larder) spends a KILLER!!
moment pondering the
demise of his arch
nemesis, Robin Hood, Spread the Best Dirt
during HRH’s 13th
annual fall production,
Robin hood. Over
1500 people attended
the four day event at 5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787
t h e R e d B r i c k .
Submitted photo
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