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Audited financial statement presented to GYPSD Due to illness at the Lodge

by Adrienne Tait $442,691 operating surplus which was in stark contrast to
the $1,671,623 deficit the 2014 budget called for. Parkland Lodge Auxiliary’s
Assistant superintendent of business services for the While the cost of vehicles and bussing has increased
Grande Yellowhead Public School Board, Ed Latka, over the years, Latka drew attention to the fact that the cost Silent Auction,
presented the audited financial statements for the year of technology has actually decreased.
ended on August 31at the regular public board meeting With the exception of the two facilities operating at a
on December 3. deficit, schools reserves within the division have also Tea & Bake Sale
The province's push to move to the public sector grown.
accounting standard from the previous accounting School generated funds also increased from 2013 to is postponed
system has resulted in a harder to read statement as there 2014. These are funds acquired through fund raising
is no longer a traditional balance sheet Latka told the efforts, fees charged for extracurricular activities, as well until
board. as gifts and donations. The school generated funds across
The financial assets for the division have, for the most the division at the end of the year were in excess of $1.1
part, remained unchanged although the accounts million. $208,384 of that amount has been donated for a December 13
receivable are up slightly. specific purpose such as the Evergreen playground. The from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.
Liabilities, however, have “changed significantly.” remaining $898,905 may be earmarked by the individual
According to the report it appears the GYPSD should schools but those purposes are not necessarily disclosed to
have a net debt of $23,965,780 but at the time of the audit the division or within the report.
did not include the $35 million in funding pledged from The total operating and capital reserves for the GYPSD BANNISTERGM.COMANNISTERGM.COM
the provincial government. Once received the result in 2014 were $8,375,394 plus approximately an additional “THE DEALERSHIP YOU’VE COME TO TRUST
will be a net asset. $3 million in undesignated reserve funds. These funds are GIVING YOU THE ULTIMATE DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE”
Also notable within the financial statement was the allocated for future capital and operating expenses. 2012 CHEV IMP
Town receives provincial Parks and Rec award WAS 17,999 4 DR, AUTO, FULL
Town council received a letter from Alberta Parks and Recreation formally congratulating the Town of Edson NOW 14,999 P14-335A KM P14-355A
on receiving a Building Community Capacity Award from Communities ChooseWell in 2014. The award
recognizes people and organizations who “work together within and across sections to advance wellness,
building on local strengths, opportunities and resources, and increasing the community's ability to take
ownership and action to improve wellness.”
Town of Edson recreation coordinator Krysta Shack, who is heading the active living and healthy eating
initiative, was named as the Town of Edson's “ChooseWell champion.”
Shack said, “For the town it is a celebration of our efforts and achievements in promoting healthy eating and P INSTALLATIONS P
active living. We stood out among all the Choosewell Communities in our population category and we should be * Furnaces Replacement
very proud of that! Personally, it is a great achievement in my career to have my efforts in the initiative * Furnaces/Air Conditioners
recognized by a provincial organization. I work hard to build relationships with different organizations and * Residential Heating Packages
stakeholders in our community that are invested in improving the health and wellness of Edson residents.”
The award was based on a variety of qualifying factors suchas the active living conferences, the working * Electronic Air Cleaners
relationships between various agencies and individuals and events such as the Resolution Run, Family Day * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
Unplugged Weekend, Step it Up Challenge, Eddie's Big Run, and the Triathlon. The work that was done to * Sheet Metal Work
bring the outdoor fitness equipment and working with THRIVE on Wellness for grant money was also FREE ESTIMATES
considered said Shack. Over 200 communities took part in the initiative in 2014.
There are three other categories Krysta would like to see Edson compete in and win including Creating Email:
Supportive Environments, Providing Health Education, and Developing Healthy Policy. “Let's keep it up and
see if we can win in the other 3 award categories in the future. We need everyone to work together to achieve 4640 3 Avenue Phone: (780) 723-3553
these,” said Shack. Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552

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* Electronic Air Cleaners
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Dec 14
The Edson Special Needs Group will be hosting a free
Santa visit again this year. Children with Epilepsy, MS,
CP ,CF ,Autism, ADHD etc or those with sensory
issues are all welcome along with their siblings. Visits
can be one family at a time or private one on one visit.
Pictures will be taken with Santa. There will be face
painting and snacks. For more info call Crystal at 780-
723-3761, or on Facebook under Crystal Metzger or
Edson Special Needs Group.
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