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A good night’s sleep

Every year about this
time, I start having ositive
troubles with sleep, P
whether it is trouble mental health
falling asleep, waking Terri-Jean Baillie, B.A.
up through the night or
sleeping too much!
Sleep is a vital part of
physical and mental you awake within 30 minutes,
wellness; as it affects Relax, Unwind & get up: This helps train
our longevity, mood, Unplug: Relaxing is a your brain that the bed
judgement and our learned skill. Listening is for sleeping. Get up
ability to learn. Sleep to music, deep breaths, and do something that
is also when our body practices yoga, having will help you relax and
heals itself. Some a regular evening prepare to sleep. (See
strategies that I have routine, or reading are the #3).
learned over the years all strategies you can Follow a Routine:
that have helped me try. Limit the amount Try to go to bed and
get a good night's rest of time you view TV or wake up the same time
are: other monitors as every day (even on
Avoid alcohol and screen time stimulates weekends), this will
caffeine close to your brain and keeps h e l p y o u r b o d y
bedtime: Believe it or you in an alert state; try become regulated and
not, but both can be to keep screens off for expectant of this
disruptive to your about 1 hour before schedule.
sleep. Alcohol might calling it a night. T h e o p t i m u m
seem like it helps you Exercise: Take part number of hours of
fall asleep, but it can in some form of sleep that a person
actually keep your physical activity 3 needs is based on
body from falling into times per week, but individual needs, but it
the precious Rapid four to eight hours is estimated that half of Three year old Lara Schuetz writes a letter to Santa Claus with help from her
E y e M o v e m e n t before bed, can help Canadians do not get mom Manuela at the Parent Link Nursery School's Christmas celebration on
(REM) stage of deep you have a deeper enough sleep. You December 3. Families had the opportunity to attend the event together and
sleep. sleep. It combats stress know that you are take part in a variety of activities such as letter writing, painting ornaments,
Avoid being too hormones (that keep getting enough sleep if decorating cookies and more. Photo Adrienne Tait
hungry or too full at you awake) and gives you do not feel tired
bedtime: The last you a boost of energy d u r i n g t h e d a y. ‘The Parks’ subdivision
m e a l s h o u l d b e during the day. Children and youth
approximately two Naps: If you are often need more sleep
hours before bedtime having problems than adults. If you are approved with conditions
to allow your body to sleeping at night, cut having sleep problems
have food digested and out any naps. If you do and none of these continued from front
prepared to rest. Being need to nap, try to keep strategies are helping, support increased by October 15, 2015 at benefit the whole area
hungry can also keep it less than an hour. it may be time to talk to development unless, no cost to Alberta and that Highway 748 is
Can't fall asleep your doctor. “The Town of Edson will Transportation.” not a town road.
construct the previously Boyce said, “They are Council members gave
approved detailed basically blackmailing a rough estimate of $1.5
d e s i g n t y p e I V b u s t o b u i l d a n million to build the
i n t e r s e c t i o n intersection at our cost.” intersection to Alberta
i m p r o v e m e n t s a t He pointed out that the T r a n s p o r t a t i o n
highway 748/40 Street subdivision would standards.

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Zander and mom Tanya worked together painting a Christmas ornament at Like us on
the Parent Link Nursery school December 3. Photo Adrienne Tait
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