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Edson 4-H Multi Club

participate in Family 4-H Day

submitted by G. Roy A week later the Part of our day was
On November 1st the Edson 4-H Multi Club spent looking at the
Carrot Creek, Peers beef members went to different types of
and Edson 4-H beef Farm Fair in cattle and draft horses
members went to AJL Edmonton and on display and talking
Farms to weigh and participated in the to the owners about
tag their steers and Family 4-H Day. We them. The best part of
heifers. We had fun had fun playing games the day though was
getting together and and having lunch with watching the Canadian
had lunch after all the other clubs from all Finals Rodeo!
work was done. over Alberta. This was a tribute to the moms of the riders participating in the Canadian
Finals Rodeo held Nov. 5-9.
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