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VOL. 27, NO. 5
MONDAY, February 1, 2016 SERVING EDSON & YELLOWHEAD COUNTY FOR 26 YEARS 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson
The descent into drugs and theft

Back Alley

paving ‘Blaming youth for these crimes is incredibly unfair’
policy... submitted by Cst. Scott Noseworthy nationwide database used by all to focus on crime the valuables that they spend
police agencies, etc.
For every theft from a motor The simple act of removing prevention/reduction their hard-earned money on.
In my four years in Edson, I
programs, etc. It also prevents
see page 3 vehicle that occurs there is a high-value items (such as iPads, what can be a significant have heard numerous victims
significant behind-the-scenes portable GPS units, laptops, financial loss for the victim. tell me that they purposely
paperwork aspect to document designer sunglasses, etc) from Money doesn't grow on trees at leave their vehicles unlocked so
BIKE PARK the occurrence, as we must unattended motor vehicles can the best of times, let alone in that if the valuables they
gather serial numbers, complete prevent these crimes and free up today's economy, so it's decided to leave inside of it
reports, list stolen items on the our limited policing resources were going to be stolen, the
Wilmore important that people protect thief wouldn't break a window
bike park to gain entry, which can be a
concept costly repair.
RCMP strongly encourage
design... that no valuables be left inside
the vehicle - whether locked or
see page 5 unlocked - as this eliminates the
possibility of their theft from
the vehicle. Ultimately, it is the
COUNTY person's choice whether or not
to leave their vehicle unlocked
Revenue or to leave valuables inside of it;
however, any such decision
sharing should be made in concert with
signing put one's insurance company, as it
on hold... can have significant impact on
coverage should valuables be

see page 4 stolen from within the vehicle
or damage done to its interior
during the offence.
After all, there is a particularly
COMMENT active criminal element
consisting of dozens of petty
thieves who regularly float
The around Edson checking door
power handles of vehicles, looking for
an easy score of valuables to
of kindness... convert for cash and/or drugs.
I commonly hear individuals
see page 6 in our community blame youth
for these crimes.
incredibly unfair, totally
inaccurate and a discouraging
SCHOOL stereotype for our youth. The
y o u t h o f E d s o n
Addams overwhelmingly reflect the
honest and
Family: A responsible values instilled by
new musical their parents, their teachers, and
the community. The reality is
comedy... that the vast majority of our
local thieves range from 18
see page 8 Amber Wild (10) from Parkland Composite High School defends against the Evansburg Grande Trunk continued on page 3
Teddy’s at PCHS on January 13. PCHS won 52-39. (SEE SPORTS PAGE) photo Mikaela Kuefler

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