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Back alley paving policy recommended

by Dana McArthur residents pay the entire cost. “I would personally Appeal Board
like to see a 50-50 split. A paved alley benefits the The appointment of Debbie Burgess as the
The Town of Edson's Committee of the Whole whole community. Right now, when the wind picks alternate to the Subdivision and Development
meeting on January 26 discussed several issues up you're affected –near an alley or not. We have Appeal Board was discussed. “We are pleased
including a back alley paving program in town. alleys that are heavily used downtown that cause a Debbie has applied and we are hoping you will
As part of neighbourhood renewal initiatives, lot of dust. recommend her appointment,” said Ann
some municipalities are undertaking alley paving “The idea behind this is when all the neighbours Dechambeau, director of planning.
programs. get together and come forward saying they are “After that we are hoping to start in-house
“In most municipalities they have encouraged willing to pay for half, the municipality will pay the training of our board members including
neighbours to work together for a decision to pave other half. It benefits the whole community and this councillors. With the provincial government in flux
their alley, and if they are willing to pay for it, they seems a policy worth having,” said Pasychny. we don't know when their training programs will be
come forward and ask the town,” said Ann Councillor Brian Boyce said, “I think this is a available,” said Dechambeau.
Dechambeau, CLGM director of planning. good policy. All the bases are covered. I'll motion Mayor Greg Pasychny moved to recommend
Mayor Greg Pasychny questioned whether the to recommend this policy.” The motion was Debbie Burgess to the board with all councillors in
proposal was that community members pay 50% unanimously carried. favour of the motion.
and the municipality pays the other 50% or the Permit Security
The lack of a Development Permit Security policy
was the next topic. “Keeping in mind we want to be
The descent into drugs and theft open and transparent as well as development and
growth friendly. There are some set amounts but
there is a lot of different calculating. What we are
continued from front looking at now, instead of what could be tying up a
lot of a developer's money, is asking for a single
years old right through community to being chemical high, trying body, and other health security for everything,” said Dechambeau.
to 60+, both male and nothing more than petty methamphetamine once problems. When a development permit is issued the
female. thieves stealing is often enough to result It will also lead to the developer has the obligation to meet the town's
I'd like to note that, whatever they can to in a destructive, long- inability to hold down a requirements. This is ensured in the form of an
often, our local thieves convert for more term addiction. That job, and, as we as police irrevocable Letter of Credit or cash.
are addicted to methamphetamine or to addiction will officers see every day in “The amount will not be huge or onerous but
methamphetamine. In repay their drug debts. ultimately result in our community, enough they will want it back,” said Dechambeau.
my time here, I have had Nothing good comes symptoms including unbearable pain and “The point is they will have to get all their things
the misfortune of seeing f r o m u s i n g permanent psychosis suffering for loved ones done before they get the security back.”
individuals in their 20s, methamphetamine. It is and unpredictable, often and the associated Mike Derricott town CAO, said, “This is creating
30s, and even older, start essentially a concoction violent, mood swings as descent into petty theft an environment where a developer can come to the
using this highly- of under-the-sink a result of the physical to support the table and see what the costs of doing business in
addictive drug which industrial chemicals that destruction of one's continuation of the Edson are. As well, it creates an environment that
has turned them from one would never brain, the dissolving of addiction and to provide protects the town's interests, but not making
being honest, consume if they knew one's teeth and gums, a source of cash for food development difficult.”
hardworking residents these chemicals were the development of and shelter. The motion to recommend the policy to council
who contributed the ingredients. Due to lesions on the face and was carrier with all in favour.
positively to our this strong industrial

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