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PASSPORT PHOTOS & MORE New Truck Fill Water Station open in Wildwood

Professional Digital Passport System photos The new Wildwood bulk water station is The new system can be: heated, and features a overhead fill point, access terminal, and includes a
ready in minutes while you wait... reduced pressure backflow prevention device, low volume fill point (barrel fill), and an overhead
officially operational for existing and new bulk
water account holders. stainless steel piping, meter, drain valve on fill support.
Also known as bulk water stations or waterman's
tap, these stations provide high-quality drinking
water. To protect the water quality and ensure that
bulk water remains contaminant free, customers
must provide their own clean connection hose.
Water hauling containers should not be used for
other purposes.
This bulk water dispensing station is turn-key,
self-contained, insulated, and maintenance friendly.
The stations cannot be accessed by credit card or
cash and will require users to apply for a bulk water
credit application.
The Wildwood bulk water station, operated by
Yellowhead County Utilities, serves residential,
commercial, and industrial water haulers. The
water provided is the same water as the Hamlet of
Wildwood. The Wildwood Bulk Water truck fill
station was commissioned on Jan 9, 2018.
This new bulk water fill station will provide the
following benefits to truck fill users: Upgraded
infrastructure to prevent pump breakdowns and
maintenance issues; and sufficient storage capacity
to prevent pump shutdowns from high usage. Site
Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence• security will help deter vandalism, protect water
Permanent Resident•Photos & more quality, and prevent rate increases. The new Wildwood bulk water station is officially operational.
The fill station is accessible 24/7 and the
connections are 4” female camlock with a delivery Yellowhead County Hosting
DROP IN AND SEE! rate of 15 l/sec. or a 2” female camlock at 6 l/sec.
The water station is located behind the
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson Yellowhead County East Services Building at Rent Smart Basics Workshop
53404 Range Road 92A (south of Highway 16) in
780-723-5787 Wildwood. submitted Yellowhead County renter.
Visit the County website for rates and bulk water
credit application form at
The Rent Smart Basics Workshop will provide
The Rent Smart Basics Workshop provides
The Weekly Anchor utility or You can education and support to tenants and landlords with need to know to find and keep your rental: Paying
you with a quick overview of the three things you
also call Yellowhead County at 1-800-665-6030 or
780-723-4800 between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for one goal: Successful tenancies. your rent in full and on time, not disturbing your
credit application information. If you're just starting to rent, or starting to rent in neighbours, and looking after the home.
The Yellowhead County operates four truck-fill Alberta —or want more information about how to Successful tenancies are key to building strong
stations in the county for customers who may not be a good tenant, this workshop will guide you communities, increasing housing stability and
receive serviced water, including: commercial through the basics, and more. preventing homelessness.
water haulers, construction companies, agriculture, You and your landlord both want the same thing: The workshop will be held on February 22, 2018
and acreage and business owners. A peaceful, stable tenancy that ends in a security from 6:30 to 9:30 Pp.m. at the Yellowhead County
The other County sites for bulk water stations are: deposit being returned and a great reference to take Wildwood Office. Please call 780-325-3782 or 1-
Peers Water Treatment Plant, Marlboro Water to your next landlord. Being a good tenant requires 800-814-3935 to register. Light refreshments will
Treatment Plant, and Brule Fire Hall. knowledge, skills and confidence in your rights as a be provided.

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