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The solar electricity hype
County gravel tenders spark procedure debate

by Adrienne Tait debated on. You have denied me that right.” would contribute financially and was told that any
Berry's sentiments were echoed by councillors users who came on after the implementation would
Three gravel tenders were approved at the regular Giezen and Russell who said while he agreed with be, “Right now it is free to Edson and Hinton as it
county council meeting on February 9. the mayor's line of logic, “You have exceeded your has been since 2007,” said Bahri. There is no added
The Blackburn Gravel supply tender went to A. authority.” cost to the county to cover the two municipalities.
Gering Ranching Inc. Gering was the only one of In the end councillor Berry removed his motion Mayor Soroka said, “Occasionally we have
blind view the three bids to have properly completed the and councillor Williams made a motion to accept the upgrades to the 911 center and they do contribute to
tender which was approved by majority vote.
process including the 10% security and consent of
Public safety radio system
surety. The total tender amount came in 8.3% less
Communication towers
County council awarded a tender to the partnership
The tender for two communication towers, one at
window than the 2016 budget request. of MORAD Communications, TRIDON Fulham and the other in Cadomin, was awarded to
The second gravel tender was also awarded to A.
Communications, and Nova Communications to
3C Information Solutions Inc. at a bid of
Gering Ranching for the 2016 Rosevear Gravel
fashions Conservative supply. Gering was the only tender received. At replace the existing public safety radio system with a $649,509.00.
approximately $1.4 million the bid was 12.5% less
The towers built at Wildwood and Obed was “not
turnkey Motorola MotoTrbo digital public safety
radio system.
iews was awarded to McLeod Valley Sand and Gravel. Edson or Hinton contribute to the purchase of the order to circumvent future issues the county
without issues” CAO Jack Ramme told council. In
than originally budgeted.
Councillor Bill Velichko asked if the Towns of
The third tender for the Williamson Gravel Supply
implemented a fixed bid system that included all
As MacLeod Valley was the only bid tendered they
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
Council heard the current system, which provides
penalty clause.
were contacted and asked to supply a consent of system and was told they do not. costs, a mandatory site visit, strict timelines, and a
radio coverage to all Yellowhead County
surety as required by the bid process.
Of the four proposals received three moved
January 4, January 25 as it had not met the requirements. Mayor Gerald departments and is linked by the 911 call distribution forward to an interview process and were graded on
Councillor Shawn Berry moved to reject the tender
center, has had issues since its installation and does
a points based system.
Soroka said he would prefer to have a positive not support current needs. Councillor Russell said, “It absolutely kills me that
February 15 motion put forward that council could accept or “We can't buy components any more. Is the new we can build two towers in these remote locations
Director of protective services Albert Bahri said,
defeat as it allowed for further direction and
for less than the cost of one culvert.”
system the best system out there? Absolutely not.”
therefore did not accept the motion.
Culvert replacement
County Council awarded the tender for a culvert
Berry said, “I made a motion and I put it on the
March 7, 28 iews table. I am entitled to make a motion and have it He added the better systems are cost prohibitive. replacement on Range Road 140 to Prairie Erectors
Councillor Russell inquired about entities that
International at a price of $520,203.63. The total
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser Local Edson woman charged in budget including site occupancy, a 10% contingency,
and engineering is estimated to be $619.500. The
project cost is considerably less than the $1.395
Summers Drilling Water Well Drillingummers Drilling Water Well Drilling
million provided last summer.
May 9, 30 S A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers significant financial crime solutions during the design by the consultant which
The reduction in cost was attributed to innovated
D On March 3, 2014, Edson RCMP entered into an records over the span of several years. would stabilize the embankment and shorten the
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water rilling specializes in water well drilling and water
investigation after receiving a complaint from a local
As a result of an extensive and lengthy
culvert length.
June 20 w insurance company regarding the theft of money by investigation by RCMP, the former employee, a Wildwood community hall
well repairs. ell repairs.
local Edson woman, Tracy Lynne Simmons, 52, has
a former employee.
County council approved a recommendation to
While conducting an internal audit, the company been charged with theft over $5,000 and fraud over grant capital assistance funding to the Wildwood
July 11 identified accounting irregularities totalling $5,000 contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. Community Association in the amount of $20,000 to
$370,000. The audit indicated that the former
Simmons is to next appear in Edson Provincial
assist the group in purchasing new furnaces for the
Court on March 15, 2016.
employee had stolen money and falsified accounting
community hall.
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