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book fair for Kids

ONLY RUNS IF extends hours

by Deanna Mitchener
THEY SEND IN but there is growing evidence reading for
Reading books is a great way to spend time

AN ARTICLE pleasure reaps benefits in education.
There is a positive link between attitudes
towards reading and scoring well on reading
assessments. Pleasure reading outside of school
has been associated with higher scores in
reading assessments during school. Mrs. Seymour's grade one glass from Vanier School stops for some fun as part of the school's Winter
Other benefits of reading for pleasure include Walking program on February 4. Photo Deanna Mitchener
text comprehension, grammar, positive reading
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS attitudes, pleasure in reading later in life, and Vanier School celebrates winter with a walk
increases general knowledge. It also helps to
CLUB NEWS aid in keeping your memory stronger for by Deanna Mitchener organization that promotes the active and safe routes
to schools programs throughout Alberta. They
Pine Grove Middle School is having their On February 4 the students from Vanier school encourage students to walk or bike to school on a
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada second Scholastic book fair of the year. It will along with teachers and support staff participated in regular basis.
"I would like to do this once a month or see
the Winter Walk Program.
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT take place on February 17 and run until Lance Jumaga, physical educator at Vanier, said, teachers doing it on their own. Every child needs to
The Club is excited to announce that there is a Teen Drop-in February 20. "Shape Alberta organizes this winter walk to get outdoors and walk. At early ages kids are active
program on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This School Librarian Bri Turner is accompanied encourage communities to take part in winter in the snow during their lunch break. It's when they
program is offered to 13-16 year olds that want to be part of
the Club's programming one night a week. The program will by a large and enthusiastic team of student walking. The program is for each community as a get into grade six and up that outdoor activities are
offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for youth to get volunteers to help make the event exciting and whole. It can be for any schools, office workers, or no longer organized and kids are not as active," said
together. Some Teen Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air- successful. businesses to go for a 15 minute walk. Just to get Jumaga.
hockey, floor hockey and of course food. If you or your The theme for the event will be 'Under the outside and enjoy our beautiful Alberta weather." "This is out fifth year taking part in the Winter
business wants more information or to become involved in The first Wednesday of February each year, Walk Program. The day celebrates Alberta winter
this new project please call the Club at 780-723-7240 or Sea' so Atlantis there will be themed décor Albertans are encouraged to celebrate living in a while promoting a healthy approach and the benefits
email throughout the library. And of course they will beautiful winter province by fitting in at least fifteen of walking," said Jumaga.
have a Mermaid Mascot for their four day minutes of exercise every day. "We have around 250 that will be taking part in
SPRING BREAK: extravaganza. During the fair the school will
What is your child doing over spring break? Why not join the Alberta (Shape) Safe Healthy Active People the walk today. It's a great feeling to see the whole
fun activities at the Club! Daily rate $35.00 ($30.00 for each take part in classroom contest with scavenger Everywhere is an Alberta wide non-profit school participate," said Jumaga.
additional child) open 8:00am-6:00pm, snacks and fun hunts.
provided. Call to register and secure your spot! “Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive Niton School helps students improve basic math skills
response to our last book fair back in
The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub programming on November I have decided to expand the One way that staff at level of the skills we will assistants are available at part the students like best
all non-kindergarten days. The program is offered 8:00am to opportunity to visit the book fair even longer Niton Central School be practicing. Our focus that time. When students is when their scores
3:00 (with the opportunity to join the after-school program this time. Pine Grove is extending an invite to help our students in this particular session go to their groups each improve, they get to
from 3:00pm to 6:00pm). The Club is starting to take visit the book fair from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on improve their basic math will be basic addition day, they are given move up to a higher
registrations for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. We skills is to periodically facts. mathematical strategies group. Mrs. Varty, the
will be offering kinderclub trial days in June for pre- Wednesday, February 18. All parents are run a 'Math Blitz'. From Once the students are
kindergarten kids. Please call the Club for more information encouraged to check it out during parent and numerous ways of grade 6 teacher who runs
780-723-7240. teacher interviews on the 19 ," said Turner. January 21st to February tested, teachers get practicing their skills the highest group,
All proceeds from this fundraising event 4th, the elementary staff together and group the before being tested always challenges the
OUR WEBSITE: will be running a 'Math students, assigning an again. Skills practice students to make her
support the library and literacy initiatives Blitz' with all of the adult and a room in the include using everything group the biggest one
FACEBOOK PAGE: within the school. The book fair will include a grade 1 to 6 students. We school to each group. We from flash cards, various when it's all over! 'Math
Please check out and like the Club's Facebook page: Boys broad spectrum of books, school supplies, and will run it from 9 to have had up to nine kinds of dice, regular Blitzes' help most of our
and Girls Club of Edson and District! odds and ends catering to the grade six and 9:15am every morning groups in a 'Math Blitz', playing cards, computer students improve their
eight audience. and regroup all of our depending on how many drills and classroom b a s i c s k i l l s i n a
THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT TO THE students according to the teachers and educational group challenges. The challenging and fun way.
TransCanada Pipelines Inc, BonaVista Energy Company,
Talisman Energy Inc, Coal Valley Resources, Uptown Yoga
Family Community Support Services, RBC KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

A good place to be

723-7240 Rianna O’Delo is eight years old who attends Jalisa O’Delo is six years old and Rianna’s younger
Westhaven School and is in grade three.
sister. Jalisa said, “I’m in grade one, the same Rianna said, “I enjoy art class at school and I school my sister goes to. I like doing centers at
have been dancing for around five years now school because you get to play at them.” Jalisa
Proud Sponsor of the taking a jazz dance class.” Her favorite color likes time in iPads, her favorite color is all of them
together, like a rainbow. She likes hot dogs and if
is bright green, she has two brothers and one
Edson Boys & Girls Club sister. given a choice for supper she would pick chicken
and corn to eat.

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