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RAF aircraft technician shares

experience with Edson Air Cadets

by Deanna Mitchener locations under arduous maintenance and we also aircraft," said Shine.
conditions such as the provide maintenance for "I believe joining the
Captain Kelly Jensen artic in the winter, the far privately owned aircraft. Air Force military was a
of the Edson Air Cadets reaches of NWT, and as We love what we do, and great way for me to travel
recently arranged for far away as the African have even taken in work the world. Decide where
Samuel Shine, a former jungles of Sierra Leone," experience students and what I wanted to do
aircraft technician in the said Shine. interested in perusing with my life, and the
Royal Air Force, to come "Late in 2013 we started aircraft maintenance. We military supporting any
and share some of his our own company here at help with a primary training I needed to
personal experiences with the Edson Airport called school visits out to the achieve. There are vast
the cadets. S h i n e A i r c r a f t hanger facility and opportunities in the
Cadets were presented M a i n t e n a n c e . We s t u d e n t s h a v e t h e military and I encourage Former military aircraft technician Samuel Shine
with an incredible slide specialize in helicopter opportunity to sit in the students to at least check shared some of his personal experiences with the
show presentation, as into it first," said Shine. Edson Air Cadets. Photo Deanna Mitchener
well were able to look and
hold some Air Force log
books and personal
medals. Throughout the
presentation cadets were
able to ask questions.
Samuel Shine was just
17 years old when he
joined the Royal Air
Force (British) in 1997. "I
served nine and a half
years in the military; nine
years being the minimum
term of service at that
time. As I was still just 17
and years of services did
not count until you
became 18 years old, I had
to wait until I turned 18,
so I basically volunteered
for half a year."
D u r i n g S h i n e ' s
presentation he shared
about the diversity of the
aviation industry and his
p e r s o n a l c a r e e r
experience. "Every male
in my family from WW1
to current day had served
accept my father. I had
heard the tales of
adventure and decided I
would like to experience
it and having been a cadet
myself, I knew I wanted to
join the military. I had no
real passion for a
particular career in the
civilian sector, nor did I
have any desire for
staying in school. I was
guided by family to
pursue a trade in the
military and had an
interest in aircraft, so I
joined as an aircraft
technician," said Shine.
"The Royal Air Force
put me through all the
trade training required
while gaining hands on
experience. Once I had
finished all my training I
volunteered for a posting
that would see as much
action as possible. For my
entire career I was posted
to 7 SQN, based out of
RAF Odiham, UK. This
S Q N o p e r a t e s t h e
Chinook helicopter as
part of the Joint Special
F o r c e s A i r W i n g
(JSFAW). During my
time on 7SQN I deployed
o n e x e r c i s e a n d
operations to numerous
l o c a t i o n s a n d w a s
awarded three medals for
operations in the former
Yugoslavia (Bosnia
C a m p , C r o a t i a ) ,
Afghanistan, and Iraq,"
said Shine.
"At the end of my
service in 2006 I decided
n o t t o e x t e n d m y
employment in the Royal
Air Force, it was time to
consider family life and
also to start a new
adventure in the civilian
world. So my wife and I
relocated here in Edson,
mainly due to the large
aviation industry Canada
h a s , e s p e c i a l l y i n
helicopters. Although my
adventure changed, I still
find myself working to
support aircraft in remote
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