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Letter to the Editor: Letter to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor: Campbell responds to letter questioning Fire department My
Remembering heroes ViewPoint

Tip revenue or spending problems coverage concerns by Adrienne Tait Rob Merrifield
Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
of Dear Editor, used not only to provide a level of spending above Dear Editor,
the national average (but not the highest in the
I want to provide some context around a February
As a resident of Yellowhead County I'm writing this
the Hat 9 letter “Does Alberta have a revenue problem or a country), but also to keep taxes low. Alberta's overall letter to bring light to an issue that I think is very Alberta organ and tissue
serious and yet nobody is speaking out publically
effective tax rate is by far the lowest in the country,
spending problem?”
Longtime Edson resident and newspaper-man passes I completely agree with the first two lines of the and overall taxes in Alberta are more than $11 billion about it. I've talked to volunteer firefighters from both donation –registry agent launch
article quoting President Truman but beyond that less than they would be if we had the tax system of Edson and Yellowhead County who are frustrated but
reflects a narrow short-sighted view of Alberta's any other province. afraid to speak publically.
Robin Campbell, MLA current fiscal situation and presents a problematic If low oil prices persist, and it looks like they will, As most residents know the Edson Fire Department Rob
West Yellowhead solution. we are looking at a shortfall of approximately $7 has provided coverage to the rural area outside of
town limits and at times had provided hamlets with
The characterization of government's record over billion in the coming fiscal year. fire coverage when rural halls lacked volunteers.
the past 10 years as “a decade-long spending spree” That's slightly more than the entire annual Edson has a large amount of volunteers and equipment Merrifield
is an exaggeration. While it is true that Alberta's education budget, or one-third of the salaries for the which is cost shared by Yellowhead County. In fact the Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
spending increased during the 2003-08 period, this entire public sector, including doctors, nurses, and side of the fire trucks say "proudly serving Edson and
Unpaid leave to was in response to a rapidly growing economy and teachers. Yellowhead County." It has been a partnership for
care for seriously strong resource revenues (which provided 35% of To cut $7 billion is irresponsible and would make a years and to my knowledge worked very well. West Yellowhead MLA Robin Campbell
ill relative total provincial revenue from 2003-04 through bad situation worse by decimating the public service Recently changes have been made in how calls are
Clean Shave an amazing experience 2007-08), The story since 2008 has been very and it would likely trigger a recession. We'd have to responded to which has created a very inefficient and Rob
ineffective system.
lay off every teacher in the province three times over
Calls for help come into 911 and Edson is
For the most recent 5-year historical period (2008-
Building Canada Plan 09 through 2013-14), Alberta's total program to make up the budget shortfall. Albertans have told dispatched to calls, sometimes only minutes outside of
me that they expect responsible solutions that will
Shaving my hair completely really know? By not wearing the expenditure has grown in line with population protect core government services. That is what we town. Volunteers rush to the hall and go to the scene. Merrifield
off back in January was an Views & News wig everyone saw. At times I felt growth plus inflation. Over this period, inflation will deliver on. They get there only to be turned away by a Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
Yellowhead County Chief who has called in trucks
amazing experience because it by Deanna Mitchener a little uncomfortable and I average 1.5 % per year and population growth The reality is that if we are to mitigate the impact of from Robb and Marlboro. The Edson Fire Trucks head
opened my eyes and heart to a Rob found myself explaining to the averaged 2.3% per year - for combined inflation plus extremely volatile resource revenue we need to look back to the hall, wasting fuel, time and energy while
new level of helping and curious why I was bald. population growth of 3.8%. Correspondingly, the at not only decreasing expenses but also stabilizing crews from far away are still enroute. Man in the
supporting those within our Merrifield But soon I found myself feeling average annual increase in total provincial program revenue sources and using contingency savings to I know for a fact that a structure fire just outside of
community. Member of Parliament for Yellowhead more comfortable in the way I spending over this period was also 3.8 per cent. help reset Alberta's fiscal foundation and put us on Edson burned for 20 minutes longer than necessary Red Hat
At first really wondered if I looked. What did it really matter? In other words, on a real (inflation-adjusted) per the right track for the long term. This is the while Edson just watched because Yellowhead County Letter to the Editor by Craig McArthur
could actually go through with it. I was still the same person. It capita basis, Alberta's program spending has been approach that I support. crews were in route from surrounding hamlets. Edson
Then I thought I'd just buy a wig –which I did. didn't change me in any way other than I no longer essentially flat over the past 5 years. waited while these firefighters arrived and sat their all
night "just in case." It was a waste of time for about
It seemed hard to do. What would people think? had hair. The letter mentions Alberta's inherent advantage half of the firefighters on scene, meanwhile resources
What about the talk behind your back? The But the response I had from within the from resource revenues. However, it fails to mention Robin Campbell were taken away from the hamlets. It is one thing for
President of Treasury Board and Minster of Finance
that this advantage from natural resources has been
wondering if she has cancer? What about all the community, and those visiting Edson, made it oh so MLA – West Yellowhead hamlets to back-up Edson... it is quite another to have
questions and possible judging? worth it. I had a few ladies come up and ask if I had them take lead while Edson just sits there.
I had the solution for all that –my wig! I wouldn't cancer because they did and were wearing a wig. It Letter to the Editor: Edson firefighters are frustrated because they are
have to worry. Just hand in the money from my gave them courage knowing that someone could being called out, away from their families and are not
being utilized. Every single minute those trucks and
sponsors, a fast shave, and slap on the wig. shave their hair off and not have cancer. firefighters are on the road, it costs taxpayers money. Independent seniors’ advocate needed
At times I wondered if I could go through with it. I Helping to raise money was one thing. Knowing Why does the county have graders? Firefighters are very concerned about the situation but
had people watching and waiting. I even had my you helped someone with cancer feel better about it is out of their control and they can't speak to the
own cheering section with me. How could I turn themselves was priceless! media because they are afraid. Firefighters from to fix long-term care: Eggen
back? Words cannot explain the warm feeling this whole Yellowhead County has invested approximately 7 Supporting the private sector brings in tax support hamlets are even more upset as they have to drive 20
As I look back on my experience, I am glad I went experience gave me and I want to encourage others to 8 million dollars in the recent past in housing for to the county instead of costing tax dollars. The minutes or longer, often at night in bad roads to an
through with it. to try the 2015 Clean Shave for Cancer challenge graders here in Edson and Wildwood/Evansburg. county should not have machinery, as their role incident that Edson is more than capable of handling.
And I'm even more glad I never putting on that this coming January. This does not include capital costs for machines. should be to manage contracts, and not to get into Edson is turned away by the Chief from the county. Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
wig. As an added bonus you'll never have to spend Then full time operators, mechanics, and service competition with established contractors. This is insane and as taxpayers, we are paying for it! by GEORGE VANDERBURG
Meanwhile hamlets are left without adequate fire
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
The idea is raising money for cancer but it's also to time doing your hair for a few months. Plus you vehicles are required. When these machines need Industry rates are set by competition. Contractors protection. What happens when a fire breaks out in a MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
raise awareness. If I just put my wig on who would won't be short of people wanting to rub your head. service beyond the talents of the local service crew, must earn a profit to stay in business, but will not hamlet and the volunteers are fighting a fire near
Be a part of the event and I know you will come Finning, Volvo or Champion is called out. If there is have an unlimited bankroll of taxpayers' dollars to Edson? Is Edson supposed to go flying out to Robb or
no grading or snow plowing needed, there is still all fall back on. Marlboro? How does this make any sense? This is
this infrastructure to support with tax dollars. The private sector could mobilize enough happening all the time and the safety of the public is at
The county does not seem to have the ability to equipment to clear every road in two to three days risk. Is it safe for Marlboro firefighters to be racing to
manage machines economically. Which brings us to as needed – then go home. Edson for a call that really don't need to respond to.
the question – Why does the county have graders? We are supposed to be on a four day cycle. We This is expensive equipment but then again
The private sector has learned how to operate had a grader on Twp Road 540 and Range Road 172 Yellowhead County has so much money they don't
economically and stay in business. If the private on Wednesday, January 28 which scratched the road care. Nobody is doing anything to rectify the situation
Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
sector is used, the graders work when there is work, as there was no new snow. We haven't seen one and volunteers are growing more and more upset each K
then go home. The maintenance is taken care of by since. It is now eight days and three major and every call.
I couldn't understand why this was happening and
the owners. Fuel, parts, repairs, operators, and snowfalls since we have had a snowplow. This now have been thinking about it since December when I by GEORGE VANDERBURG
support vehicles are taken care of from chargeable becomes a safety issue as it will be difficult for watched a Wildwood firetruck race up mainstreet in MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
hours. police, ambulance, or fire equipment to get through Edson. At first I thought Edson had borrowed it or The Weekly Anchor
The county may believe they are creating to assist tax paying homeowners. Wildwood was helping out. Member of the
employment, but the same people would be used by Today I find out that Yellowhead County has a TV Edson & District Chamber &
the private sector if they are capable of doing the TIM EATON crew following them around, filming incidents. It has Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber
CORRECTION job. Yellowhead County all became clearer... this is not about providing
In last week’s Viewpoint Column taxpayers with adequate fire coverage... this is about
Katie Barnes job title was certain Chiefs within the Yellowhead County Fire
Service trying to be celebrities. This is costing us
5,898 Audited (paid & controlled)
incorrectly stated. Katie is the The Weekly Anchor Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221 Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd. Canadian money and putting lives and property in danger.
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this may have caused. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Tuesday, 12:00 Noon family-operated Dana McArthur some accountability from those we elect? It is time to
Publisher/Owner put a stop to this non-sense. On a side note, why do
we have 4 Fire Chiefs in Yellowhead County? How is
this effective? It is time the public speaks out and
starts holding our elected officials accountable.
Craig & Elaine McArthur Dwayne Rook
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