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PASSPORT PHOTOS & MORE CAPP concerned with lack of detail from Province on Caribou Range Plan

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Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
(CAPP) representative Chris Montgomery
presented Town Council with an update on Feb. 13,
regarding the potential impact of the Woodland
Caribou Range Policy on area producers.
Montgomery also made the same presentation to
Yellowhead County Council earlier that morning.
CAPP represents approximately 70 oil and gas
producers and has been concentrating on
community and stakeholder engagement. During
the past five years Montgomery said there have
been “dramatic changes in operations due to
technological innovation.”
In June of 2003 caribou were added to the list of CAPP representatives Chris Montgomery (right) and Cam Sorenson presented Town Council
threatened species. A plan was published to aid in with an update regarding the potential impact of the Woodland Caribou Range Policy on area
their recovery at both provincial and federal producers. photo Dana McArthur
government levels. One of the challenges energy
producers have identified is the federal policy alternate prey management, but they recognize the provinces have adequate protection in place, and
approaches recovery in terms of intact habitat need to support caribou recovery and are prepared we do not see a lot of certainty from the province
rather than population. to contribute solutions and resources. “We are yet. "
“There are 15 herds in Alberta and their habitat prepared to make changes in our operations and "If the federal government does not agree proper
covers 23% of the land base and 30% of the bring financial resources to the table. However, the protections are in place, they really only have two
resource base,” Montgomery told council, “On one costs must be appropriate,” said Montgomery. tools. One is to take over management themselves,
section of land you could have oil and gas as well Mayor Zahara said he is familiar with the caribou which nobody wants. The only other tool is an
as forestry.” range planning from his time at the provincial emergency protective order and it basically
Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence• Montgomery said CAPP has come forward with government. “I am aware we are not talking about sterilizes all activity on the land," said
Permanent Resident•Photos & more several potential solutions to provide protection for the smartest animal. Even in Jasper with no Montgomery.
the caribou, that would be workable for the resource activity their populations are County Mayor Gerald Soroka, added, "We are so
DROP IN AND SEE! resource sectors. diminishing,” said Mayor Zahara who asked what close to having this implemented and there is still a
Montgomery said the integrated land
the best possible outcome for CAPP would look
lack of concrete information. One of the problems
management plan is supported in theory, but the like. with penning wild animals we've seen is the risk of
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson draft plan does not provide sufficient clarity or we can. Some factors will be out of our control diseases. Wild animals should remain wild."
Montgomery replied, “We need to be doing what
detail. Concerns also exist with the zonation
Soroka continued, "We have been manipulation the
780-723-5787 proposal. “It is concerning because the companies such as fires and floods and we want to see that forests, preventing fires, and prairie areas that are
have paid for the mineral rights and may not be
taken into consideration. We need the cost of
not there anymore; it's almost a false habitat.
able to access. Essentially the government can doing business to be appropriate.” Leaving it up to nature isn't necessarily the answer
The Weekly Anchor expropriate, and companies will not have access to presentation Montgomery stated, "Industry is anymore. But it's not as simplistic as they are
During the Yellowhead County CAPP
the rights, minerals they have paid for,” said
saying either."
Montgomery. frustrated, deadlines are approaching this April
Petroleum producers would prefer to see the when the federal government will determine if the (with files Dana McArthur)
government remain in control of any predator or
Greetings from Edson

Senior’s Transportation Society

We wanted to give some information to those of you that have
never used our service.

We are a small non-profit organization that is run by a Board of
Directors and have been in existence since 1984. We provide
service within the community of Edson to any individual over
the age of 45 or to any age of person with a disability of any
sort. Our bus runs from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Our
annual membership fee is $20. Bus passes are available for
members. We do have a lift for transportation of wheelchairs.
An Aide assisting a client is exempt from fees. We have a
second bus for backup that can be rented for day trips. Please
call in advance for pickups. The bus phone number is 780-723-
1122. If you would like more info talk to our drivers or call Don
(Eves) 780-723-7603.

Sorry for the error on the registration sheets that were sent out
as this is actually our 20th annual Trivia Night fundraiser and is
scheduled for March17 this year! Although this is our main
fundraising event, it does not come close to covering the cost of
our service. We rely on community support to keep us in
operation. We are very lucky that people within Edson are so
supportive! Call Cindy for Trivia information at 780-725-3307.
Application forms can be picked up in the lobby at Parkland
Lodge. This is a great event and so much fun! Get together a
team and come out and join us!

Our AGM is scheduled for March 28 and will be
held in the entry at Parkland Lodge. We are in need of
board members so if you have some spare time and could
help out, please attend this meeting. Without ths
important service, our seniors would be very isolated.
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