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FEATURE: We are our Stories This year the Yellowhead County Heritage program will partner with Yellowhead
County libraries and the Tipple Park Museum to bring our community a deep
slice of local history. We are calling the project: We are our stories.
We'll be talking with current and former locals from every corner of the county
and we'll gather stories, pictures, and memories for your reading pleasure. We
hope it'll inspire you to share your stories.
We are athletes… Our second look at the county's past comes courtesy of Frank and Agnes Lovsin,
submitted Yellowhead County former Mountain Park residents.

Frank and Agnes Lovsin come from two
competing Coal Branch towns. The coal branch
towns' residents welcomed sports to come together
and build comradery. Baseball, hockey,
curling—there was a sport for all seasons.
Agnes had an early fascination with sports: “I was
very athletic, I did track and field all the time, I
played ball, everything. It was a very active town,
and all the towns got together, and they competed.”
In 7 Grade, Frank began mastering what he refers
to as an “oddball” sport, Ping-Pong: “I'd be the first
guy at the school door, and if the teacher had the
door open I'd sneak in, go downstairs, and bounce a
Ping-Pong ball 'till somebody came in, then we'd
play.” He'd happily spend 11 hour days—long after
the end of the school day—besting his pals, and
testing the tolerance of his patient mother.
The spirit of competition and comradery taught
Frank a great deal about becoming a successful
businessman—but also, it helped him capture the Cadomin Black Devils Hockey Team 1938-39
affection of his now wife of 60 years.
Agnes and her family were now living in ride, up the old coal branch road where at one point talking about that team this year [at PyeongChang]
Edmonton, having left Cadomin due to the mining you can see the mountains.” For Agnes, seeing the because of the similarity,” Frank explains.
bust, which put her father out of work. Agnes mountains again meant more than Frank could Although Frank loves to joke about the competition
recounts, “I'll never forget it: It was July 1st, 1953. imagine. between the towns, he and his wife both credit their
We got on the bus here, and as the mountains were Seeing her hometown again, and Frank, left an Coal Branch experiences with helping build their
receding, my sister and I started to cry. We cried impression—hundreds of exchanged letters and a generosity and community spirit. As Agnes says:
and cried.” few months later, Frank proposed to Agnes during a “Once a Coal Brancher, always a Coal Brancher.”
Frank and Agnes were brought together by sports football game. The We are our Stories project kindly invites
once again as adults, but this time, they were able Agnes' and Frank's competitive nature rubbed off anyone who has a story of the past, whether short
to put aside their town rivalries. on their youngest son Ken. As Agnes recounts, or long, to participate! Please contact the
Agnes recounts: “He invited me to come up and Ken, “played hockey for Canada when they got the Yellowhead County Heritage Department, a
watch him play baseball. Like his buddies, he was a silver medal.” Ken was part of the mostly amateur Yellowhead County Library branch, or the Tipple
show-off. Then he made a big error and had to roster that represented Canada at the 1994 Park Museum. We'll gladly provide you with a
prove himself.” Frank tells it differently. While Norwegian Winter Olympics and was the last non- transcript of your story and digitize any photos you
fielding, he flubbed a throw that would have won NHL team to compete in the games up until this bring to us.
his team the game. In the last inning, Frank was year. Following the '94 winter games, the NHL To read this story in its entirety to find out about
first to bat and said to the pitchers, “Throw me a fat allowed its players to compete for five consecutive day-to-day living in Mountain Park and what they
one and I'll get a home run, and life will turn out winter Olympics ending in the 2017-2018 season did for entertainment including recreation, musical
perfect." and once again opened it up to have non-NHL entertainment, and community events go to
And it did. He celebrated a home run and players representing Canada in the Winter and search for We
more—as Agnes recalls, “He asked me to go for a Olympics in South Korea. “They're going to be are our Stories.

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