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continued from front Call for public input on Curbside Recycling
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continued from front or wish to have organics picked up weekly and to Vancouver, “But it does cost. There are times The Town has no plans to shut down the Recycling
household waste bi-weekly. We can learn from other when we break even but other times you pay a little.” Depot and stated it is needed for commercial, county,
communities to see how their roll outs went and Education and public awareness have been and multifamily use as well as for many materials
collect relevant data to help guide us.” identified as key to any successful curbside program. that will not be included in a curbside recycling
Concerns have been raised regarding a curbside “Residual rates are highly dependent on the quality of program such as electronics. CAO Derricott said,
recycling program in relation to a single stream material collected, which is a result of effective “We are not closing the doors and shutting it down.
collection and potential impact on the Edson education and social marketing. Without very We are not asking for people to pick.”
Recycling Depot. aggressive education, low contamination is very hard Council and administration acknowledged the need
Seidel said, “A 5% residual rate is hard to achieve in to achieve,” said Seidel, “Curbside programs can be for the Depot as even residents who participate in the
a single stream curbside program. Even if that rate is effective in getting people to participate, however, it curbside program may miss a week or need to take
achieved, it is still much higher than what is is critical to get people to participate effectively by their recycling in before the scheduled pick up.
acceptable in the new Chinese market standards. only contributing materials that are acceptable.” Town will send out surveys on paper and online to
Even the highest tech MRFs are not able to currently Any curbside program will face challenges gauge the level of support for a curbside recycle
Misadventures meet these standards. Which means brokers are according to Seibel who said, “In terms of diversion, program.
Should the Town move to a curbside recycling
required to source domestic markets, or alternate the best depot program will outperform a poor
overseas markets. When large programs like the City curbside program. However, in terms of program there could be an increased cost of $2.05 per
of Calgary are unable to market their materials, we participation, more people will participate in a month per household for bi-weekly pick up. At the
know we have a serious market situation.” curbside program because it is easier. In current Committee of the Whole meeting on February 13
Can Pak Environmental owner Mark Pederson said markets a depot program has the advantage of source CAO Derricott said that there is a cost to maintaining
he accesses markets such as India for some of those separating materials, which have better market the existing Depot, “The current recycling is not free.
products. He did however identify film plastic as opportunities. Right now, a single stream curbside It is cost effective but there is cost associated.”
problematic. Seidel said that is common amongst program is going to face serious market challenges.” Mayor Zaraha said he has been “pleasantly
curbside programs. “Film is very problematic to Seidel said the most significant diversion surprised” with the support for the organics pick up
market, and programs are generally moving towards opportunities lie within the commercial sector. The and feels that Edson has been “a little behind” in
not accepting it in curbside programs,” said Seidel. commercial sector would continue to utilize the providing the curbside organics and curbside
Auriat said currently film plastic and bags are sent Edson Recycling Depot for its recyclable materials as recycling service.
they would not be included in the curbside program.

MacKay Community Hall's St. Patrick's Silent Auction, Dinner & Dance

submitted votes). Directors include Darlene 795-2462 or Darlene at 780-795- Brown at 780-795-2462 for more
Kossman, Herb Nicholls, Lloyd 2350. information. Please note that we
Our sincere apologies to anyone Zatorski, Neil Zatorski, and Family Memberships remain the would like memberships to be
who came out to our Cancelled Margaret Boyer. same at $5.00 and they will be purchased sooner than later so that
Annual General Meeting at the We were hoping to have a few available at the St. Patrick's Silent you can take advantage of the
Mackay Community Hall on Feb. 7. more MacKay residents show up, Auction too. Discounted rates for discounted hall rentals if need be.
Due to the huge amount of snow a but that was not the case. Perhaps members when renting the hall for Thank you and hope to see you at
few days before and not being able this year we will see some of you at private functions such as birthdays, the St. Patrick's Silent Auction,
to get the County grader in time, we a few meetings to give your ideas, family get-togethers etc. Call Karen Dinner & Dance.
were forced to cancel and change input, and/or volunteer to help at
the meeting to Sunday night, Feb. any events we have coming up.
11. Unfortunately, we realize it was Young family Moms or Dads are
a late call to cancel, but we tried our most welcome to join us any 1st THIS WEEK’S FEATURE
best to reach people through email Wednesday every month at 7:00 pm
or our social media page. Again, (except August).
sorry for any inconvenience it may Speaking of events coming up, get Mint Homes Ltd.
have caused. ready for our Annual St. Patrick's
So we have a new President! The Silent Auction, Dinner and Dance
elections were chaired by Shirley on March 17. It's a Family Affair.
Robinson whose wisdom and Corporate and private donations
knowledge are most are welcome and we expect to have
appreciated...thank you Shirley. a good variety of things again this
Nominations for President were as year. Mint
follows: Stanley Zatorski (6 votes) Watch for our poster on county
nominate for 2 years; Toni Zatorski road mail boxes around MacKay,
(5 votes). Vice President Karen Lobstick River Foods in Wildwood,
Brown and Treasurer Lizette Niton Restaurant, Evansburg, our
Russell remain for another year social media page and your email
(voted in for 2 years in 2017 so this (if you've given it to us, email us at
is their final year). For
Nominations for Secretary: Linda more information or to reserve your
Hodgson (6 votes); Toni Zatorski (5 tickets please call Karen at 780- Homes

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms Large
master bedroom with two-piece bath a 7 foot
closet and access to the two-car (20 x 22)

garage Bayed living room with open railing
Country kitchen Large windows for future 1/4
Thank You to everyone who helped us during Mike’s
recent illness, operation and recovery. basement development
Basement development plan For these plans

Special thanks to: Larry and Nellie Chapman, comes with blueprints
Dr. Gous, Buster Bradford, Rob and Donna Brown,
Jack and Chad Dickson, Barb and Jerry Melleresh, Member of National Home Warranty Program
Brian Nordvedt, Richard and Jenny Parker, Bill Polak,
Regan Redlick, Howard and Effie Soanes, Phone: 780-723-2330
Lyle Seibel and Ed Tailby. Fax: 780-723-5068
Pat and Mike Polak Email:
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