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by Deanna Mitchener
When even when we're with
From the
social media Publisher’s Desk company? Are
companies are Dana McArthur we thumbing
questioning through the latest
whether they posts while at
are a good or bad influence on our kid's hockey game? There
society, are we allowing is a simple truth here, it's not
connected technology to the technology that's the
interfere with our family problem... it's us.
relationships? I mean the So, maybe instead of letting
family you actually live with, some 'intelligent' software
not your 'cyber-family'. technology manage us, we
With the levels of fake news, should be managing the
disinformation, cyber bullying, technology. And we can start
covert manipulation, rampant by taking back control of our
rudeness and abuse, trolling, time.
Riding Update: and harassment at historically and beyond, let's try turning off Letter to the Editor Policy
This Family Day weekend,
unprecedented proportions
Open Letter: —questions have arisen some of those notifications and
whether social media is tearing try plugging our carbon-based The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor
society apart. selves into what's most
Its negative effects on mental important in our lives —our All letters are published at the discretion of the editor-
publisher who reserves the right to edit for clarity,
Misadventures health, attention spans, and loved ones right in front of us. length and libel. Letters published do not necessarily
productivity notwithstanding,
Because losing the ability to
there is a lot more chatter about
reflect the policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All
'social media burnout' than share meaningful time with letters must bear the name of the writer and include the
those we love for the sake of
ever before. the next 'like' is no way to live address and telephone number, which will not be
Do we find it impossible to at all. published.
ignore the smartphone even


Eric Rosendahl A barrel of pork – Hinton's geothermal project?

In one modern usage, the word “pork” can be now Hinton's Geothermal Project. “should not be relied upon” in terms of
traced to the 1800s. In the U.S. south, it was predicting outcomes.
My apparently common for a wealthier person or Recently $1.2 million of provincial and federal
ViewPoint plantation boss to take a barrel of pork, present it money was allocated to new aspects of the Interestingly, a portion of the provincial funds

by Adrienne Tait to his dependents, and then watch as they Geothermal venture. This is in addition to $250 requested by the town come from the carbon tax,
competed to get their share of the handout. Not 000 in municipal funds. Our mayor has said that which imposes a near 80% sales tax on home
exactly what you'd call an enlightened attitude. the purpose of all this spending is to “find our heating (gas) and boosts prices at the pumps.
At the same time, back then if an ordinary future.” It's a financial future that private This means thousands of dollars are being Jim Eglinski
family's kitchen boasted a full pork barrel over in investors will not go near. taken out of our community by the provincial
the corner, in plain sight, it symbolized wealth. Reliable reports indicate that presently, government. Money that will never be spent at MP Yellowhead
As the barrel emptied and the family was able to geothermal production costs double that of wind local merchants; money that will never buy
look in and see the “bottom of the barrel,” it was and solar, and we all know that major wind and school supplies; money that will never buy a suit
determined that they were poor. solar projects rely on subsidies. Professor Ross of clothes or pair of shoes; money that will never
Letter to the Editor: Starting toward the end of the 1800s, in McKitrick at the University of Guelph, an buy a new carpet or give your house a needed
Canada, the U.S. and throughout the British authority on the economics of wind power, paint job.
Empire, the word pork began being used to blatantly says that contrary to popular belief All this money is instead being spent by our
describe political largesse (excessive or about wind turbines, they don't even run on local council to undertake a multi-million-dollar
unneeded government spending). wind. He says they run on subsidies. risk, on an unproven venture, in which individual
In many jurisdictions, government pork leads So, in terms of our mayor spending millions to council members themselves would never invest
to situations where locally-elected councils find Hinton's future, existing reports on the $100 of their own money. Something about this
compete for access. Many take a big bite out of project—reports that we have in hand—clearly picture is not very appealing.
the pork barrel, not because they particularly state that any calculations at all are based entirely
need the money, but because they mistakenly on “subjective” judgments and information that Stuart Taylor, Hinton
think they're getting something for nothing.
In many instances, local municipalities and
Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd.
taxpayers end up obligated to cost-share The Weekly Anchor 6,020 Audited 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta Canadian
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expensive programs of uncertain need, simply Your Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221 Telephone: (780) 723-5787
P.O. Box 6870, T7E 1V2
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be available. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Tuesday, Noon Website: Dana McArthur
In Hinton, on at least four occasions federal or
provincial pork programs have shaped or Member of the
distorted the decision-making process; these Edson & District
Chamber of
would be the Robb Road upgrade; Switzer Drive Commerce Sue Ann Miranda
widening; Innovista Eco-Industrial Park; and Common Cindy Weisser Sonia Roy L’Hirondelle Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
Front Desk
Ass’t Mgr.
Sales Representative Graphic/Layout Administration Graphics/Writer
Apologies on my behalf to the Edson Cycling Association for a
misqoute of projected full cost build of the new Bike Park that is
going in out at Willmore. In the last issue my article incorrectly said
$350,000 when actually it is a $624,000 projected cost for the full
build. Please accept my apologies and I take full blame, not the
Weekly Anchor. Deanna Mitchener
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