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County agrees to 50/50 support for preschools

by Dana McArthur to support this on a go-forward basis and we'll We have 11,000 people scattered across 200 JERRY FORD 2018
see how the dust settles in the next year or two." square miles, unlike towns like Edson or Hinton
Yellowhead County Council County approved Councillor Anthony Giezen asked, "Would we with 8,000 or 10,000 in a more densely
the funding of non-profit preschool programs at get more participation in preschools with greater populated area. I think that's where I am I willing January 8 & 22
50% of operational costs, based on the programs funding?" Read responded, "We met with the to support 50% —but any more than that I do not
meeting the minimum expectations of quality providers and they felt this was an excellent think I could support."
and quantity (formula), during their February 13 model and we feel this is the right blend. Having Councillor Russell responded, "I tend to agree,
council meeting. 50% of eligible kids in the program is a pretty but this is not huge money we are talking about February 5, 19
Earlier last year the provincial government high number." FCSS Supervisor Wendy here."
declared that Parent Link Centre funds could no Robinson added that there is currently a Councillor Penny Lowe said, "I do not think
longer be used to support registration fee-based maximum capacity of 70 children in the County's this is an area where we should be going. If it
preschools. This left a substantial funding gap for preschool system due to staffing and ratio was mandated then we should look after it, but I March 5, 19
the Peers and Carrot Creek preschools as 80% of regulations. do not feel this is mandated."
their budget came through Parent Link. The Mayor Gerald Soroka commented, "Everything Council voted unanimously to support the
County has been offering 50% funding support we do in the County has to be subsidized to some 50/50 funding model.
for the Lobstick and Evansburg preschools, degree as we do not have the economy of scale. April 2, 16, 30
through Family and Community Support
Administration was directed by Council, in a Yellowhead County Council highlights Feb. 13
Services (FCSS).
December 2017 meeting, to provide them with May 14, 28
further details and options for funding of CAPP Caribou Presentation – Canada's Oil & Evansburg Water & Sewer Local Improvement
preschools in the county. Natural Gas Producers (CAPP) made a Bylaw –
"Currently there are about 50 children presentation to Council on the potential impacts Council gave the final reading for the local
registered in County preschools. We can for oil and gas producers in the areas that would improvement bylaw for the multi-year project for June 11, 25
estimate that 50% or greater eligible county be affected by the Woodland Caribou Range Plan the residential Evansburg water and sewer
children are attending these preschool in the Northwest tip of Yellowhead County (and upgrades. The cost of the project for the water and
programs," said Christopher Read, Director of across the province.) The plan focuses on sewer line upgrades to residents is split 50/50
Community Services. Read presented Council supporting caribou recovery for reduced between the benefitting property owners and the July 9, 23
with seven options ranging from zero funding, to populations in this area. County. Roads and sidewalks that are part of the
County operated with 100% County funding. 2018 Council Strategic Priorities – new infrastructure are funded entirely by the
The Strategic Priorities document gives Council,
The County's non-profit preschools have a municipality.
program cost totalling $ 78,935.00. At 50% administration a plan to guide what Council has Municipal Reserve Closure Request – Council August 6, 20
prioritized as the most important goals and
approved first reading of bylaw 6.18 to remove the
support the County's portion would be $ projects for the County for the upcoming year. The municipal reserve designation to accommodate the
39,467.50 / 59 = $669/child. The other 50% objectives within the document, that range from new Brule community hall. A Public Hearing will
would come from registration fees: $ 39,476.50 / seniors housing to roads and recreation facilities, be held on March 13, 2018, and will allow the September 3, 17
59 = $669/child (program fees or fundraising are chosen from concerns heard by Council during public to voice their input on this proposed bylaw.
portion). Pervious to this funding decision, the election; as well as previous issues and The next Council Meetings is February 27, 2018.
County FCSS had allocated $30,000 for ongoing projects and plans undertaken by the The next Governance & Priorities Committee
preschool grants. municipality. Meeting is February 20, 2018. All meetings start at October 1, 15, 29
Councillor David Russell said, "I am prepared 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers.

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