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Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association BANNISTERGM.COMANNISTERGM.COM
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names Parkland school of the year BRAND NEW 2014 ENCLAVEVE LAST ONE!
2014 ENCLA
continued from front WELL EQUIPPED,
WAS 47,805 4YR/80,000KM,
priority. $ BUMPER TO BUMPER,
C o a c h S e a n NOW 39,488 WARRANTY 14-198
Edmondson said, “They
understand the affects
that has. When you step
out on that mat and if
you've missed a week of
practices and you have a
tournament that weekend
you know you've missed
a week of practices. We
are really teaching them
to police themselves.
There is no nutritional (Front L to R) Coach Curtis Brinker, Mackenzie Kuilboer, Lauren Pelkey, Amy
guideline, menu, or meal Hill, Sevannah Franson, Chance Barrass, John Pfiefer, Noah Plett, Gabriel
plan that we hand out we Banack, Ryan Halterman, and Coach Sean Edmondson. (Back row L to R)
just constantly counsel Callum Watson, Robert Wile, Maria Hugleschaffer, Vince Kuilboer, Carson
them to make the right Hellekson, Nick Hill, Tyler Campbell, and Xona Beran.
choices.” Harlow is a 5 year
The team members Edmondson. a l s o s c h o l a r s h i p
learn sportsmanship, be as tough an opponent One of the most possibilities available for old Corgi mix
t e a m w o r k , a n d as the stereotypical V- important moves to those who excel. whose foster mom
shaped body type.
dedication. master is also one of the Several of the kids says she is an
“You're never trying to The work ethic of the most basic –the stance. currently on the team awesome dog!
hurt your opponent. kids also pays off on the The team does take have had siblings or even
mat. “We know the
Their safety is on you,” commitment in order to p a r e n t s w h o h a v e An adventurous girl
said Sean, “You're not coaches from the U of A compete and achieve at wrestled for PCHS. who enjoys her off
and from Calgary and
trying to hurt people you the level PCHS has PCHS teacher Sean leash walks, she has
are just trying to score they like our kids because successfully earned. Edmondson said the wonderful recall
points for moves.” they're tough farm kids –a The program has been support of the school and
lot of them. They know
The team is open to any running at PCHS for in particular the Phys Ed. and is getting along
Parkland students and what work is and they approximately 20 years department have played a great with the
body type is not as much understand that work and the school team has key role in the team's resident farm
ethic and they come out
of a factor as some may eleven championships to success. animals.
think. Small and wiry can a n d w o r k h a r d a t their credit. There are
p r a c t i c e , ” s a i d This sweet girl is eager for a mature
household or home with older children to call
her own.
BOTTLE DRIVE - Friday, February 6
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February 1 Children of all ages enjoy and benefit from playing outdoors. Daily outdoor play is
healthy and burns energy. It gives children an opportunity for a change of environment,
a balance in play and routine, and large muscle activities (gross-motor development).
Registration Even children who are mildly ill but active should go outside if the weather is not
for Couple's severe. Parents, staff and children alike will feel refreshed when fresh air is part of the
daily routine. Taking children outdoors daily even in the winter, can be a healthy part
Retreat of their schedule, and is safe when clothing is appropriate. Active outdoor play at all
which will be times of the year is also an important part of obesity prevention and helps establish
life-long patterns of healthy physical exercise.
held Feb.28
at the Family Friendly Business Recognition From
Edson United Early Childhood Matters goes out to Switzer's
Drug Store, for staff helping to carry out
Church. purchased items for parents when they have
their hands full with wee ones. What a huge
For more info help to families while shopping with babies or
toddlers. Email us at
call the church at and
780-723-3418 tell us about a local business that made your
family outing with the kids just a little more
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