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The Scene
for Kids
S s CHOOL Pine Grove students play s CHOOL
Times hooky for hockey Times

For the past six years name, Hockey Hooky is Kings lost to the themselves up on the s UMMER
the Edmonton Oil d e s i g n e d w i t h Kootenay Ice. This was j u m b o s c r e e n .
K ings have been education in mind. In the first time we have Attending teacher Lisa Fun
running an annual addition to being a great seen the Oil Kings Rowand was impressed for Kids
p r o m o t i o n c a l l e d opportunity to foster lose,” says Redman, of with the students
'Hockey Hooky' and love of Canada's most the game. Despite the themselves. “They
p a r t i c i p a t i o n h a s treasured pastime and slightly disappointing were all really well-
ONLY RUNS IF become a beloved Pine evoke excitement 5-3 loss, students were behaved and did a great
among students, the
Grove Middle School
job representing our
very impressed with the
c u r r i c u l u m - b a s e d
The Oil Kings invite event has incorporated g a m e a n d t h e school. We are also very
grateful for all of the
experience. Grade 6
THEY SEND IN K-9 students from activities. “The game is student, Kaiden Graber, support from parent
across Northern Alberta
a great educational
volunteers. The kids
e n t h u s i a s t i c a l l y
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS to this special matinee experience for all commented, “It was had a great time.”
performance and one
students. They provide
Pine Grove staff and
awesome! We sat so
CLUB NEWS AN ARTICLE hundred lucky Pine student workbooks to close to the ice”. While students look forward
Grove students were
be used throughout the
to joining the Oil Kings
fellow classmate Gage
able to attend the game that focus on all Kendall had the fortune and their peers across
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada January 22nd event at the core subjects,” says to catch a tossed puck. the northern part of the
1 TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: The Club is excited to announce R e x a l l P l a c e i n supervising teacher Students Jacob Roth province for year
that there will be a Teen Drop-in program on Thursday Edmonton. Roger Redman. and Ethan Leveque seven!
nights starting on January 22 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Despite the cheeky “This year the Oil were elated to see
This program will be offered to 13-16 year olds that want to
be part of the Club's programming one night a week. The
program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for
youth to get together. More details to come. If you or your
business wants more information or to become involved in
this new project please call the Club at 780-723-7240 or
Vanier Community Catholic Schoolanier Community Catholic School
Getting Ready for Kindergarten!etting Ready for Kindergarten!
FACEBOOK PAGE: Please check out and like the Club's G
Facebook page: Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District!
TransCanada Pipelines Inc, BonaVista Energy Company,
Edson Lodge #92, Talisman Energy Inc, Fineline Stationery,
Withers LP, Investors Group, Edson Senior Ice Hockey Club,
Coal Valley Resources
CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Do you have a passion for working
with youth in a teen mentoring program?
If the answer is yes, then our Senior Teen Mentoring
Coordinator position is the perfect job for you! This is a part-
time position during the Teen Activity and Youth Mentoring Rexall Place, Edmonton
programs, with the opportunity of extra hours during
Afterschool program & Summer Camp. Various shifts:
evenings, days and some weekends. Flexible schedule
required: through working from home and on site;
determined by programming needs. Candidates must have
experience in human services and/or social work. Candidate
must complete a Criminal Record and Child Welfare check.
Completion or partial University Degree and/or Child Care
Worker 1, 2 or 3. Starting wage: $17.00/hr. Please email your
resume to . For more information visit our

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Edson Boys & Girls Club Jasmine Christie is eight years old, attends Miranda Christie is five years old, she attends

Westhaven School like her big sister Jasmine.
Westhaven School and is in grade three. Miranda said, “I get to go to kindergarten now that
Jasmine said, “I like school, the best part is I’m old enough. The best part is when we get free
playing with my friends and doing art. I have play time and we get to play with bouncy balls in the
one younger sister and one younger brother. I gym. My favorite colour is yellow, rainbow colors. I
like being the oldest in the family because I get like to eat pineapple, and playing outside even in the
to sleep on the top part of the bunk bed. I like winter so I can make snowmen. Daddy even makes
pink, doing crafts and eating pancakes.” snow hills for us, he made two, one really tall one
and one small one.”

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