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Town council highlights include

meeting request with County

by Adrienne Tait legal purposes such as the sale of or mortgage
approval of a property.
Offsite Levies The town policy is designed to establish a
The Offsite Levy bylaw will once again be opened consistent approach to the processing of
up for public hearing. Town council is proposing applications.
changes to the current rate structure that would Meeting Request
withdraw the storm water infrastructure and two Town council passed a formal resolution
water infrastructure projects from the current model. requesting a meeting with Yellowhead County
The result would be a decrease in rates per hectare. council.
A public hearing was set for March 15 at 7:30 p.m. In the background information the request said,
during the regular council meeting in council “There are a number of outstanding issues that
chambers. would benefit from direct discussion between the
Director of planning Ann Dechambeau said, “We respective councils, rather than the parties relying on
encourage people to attend. We hold a public media reports and exchange of letters.”
hearing for a reason – to get information out and to Issues cited include the revenue sharing agreement,
hear from the public.” outstanding landfill invoices, and the general council
Councillor Trevor Bevan said he has been hearing to council relationship.
from members of the public and so far the feedback Councillor Gean Chouinard said, “I believe we've
has been positive. made several requests, this makes it formal.”
Councillor Brian Boyce said, “The bylaw requires Councillor Brian Boyce said, “I find it somewhat
regular review. We will have to continue to update it discouraging in this day of instant communication
regularly as conditions change.” (with telephones and emails and such) that we have
Deputy Mayor to have a council resolution to request a meeting.”
Councillor Brian Boyce was appointed as Deputy During the question period at the conclusion of the
Mayor for the March through July time frame. The meeting Mayor Greg Pasychny answered questions
position of Deputy Mayor alternates through council regarding the relationship between councils and said,
in alphabetical order every four months. “From our point of view relations are fine. I have
Certificate of Compliance nothing negative to say. I can't understand some of
At their regular council meeting on February 17 the comments we are hearing.”
town council formally adopted a certificate of Several councillors said they welcomed the chance
compliance policy. for open discussion between councils to address any
A certificate of compliance is a letter issued by a rumours that they have been hearing out in the
municipality which confirms that the structures on a public.
specific property conforms to the municipalities land Mayor Pasychny said, “They are treating us James Toner was in charge of making cotton
use bylaws. The voluntary service is not legislated differently than Hinton.” When asked if he could candy during the annual Edson and District
or mandated by either provincial or federal cite an example of how Edson has been treated Caregivers Family Extravaganza that was held at
governments. Certificates of compliance are often differently he said, “The revenue sharing agreement
required for real estate purchases, by lenders, or for has been signed with Hinton and not with us.” the Edson Legion on Family Day. Richard Foster
was letting him know just how good his cotton
candy was. photo Deanna Mitchener

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