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to Frieda Seethaler

on her

“100th” Birthday

February 24, 2016

Love from your family
Armin & Lori
Chris & Alan
Steven & Kate

After an exciting weekend of Junior B basketball action, the Holy Redeemer Junior B Girls emerged with the
silver medal by a heartbreaking score of 48-47. The Rebels squad is very proud of their efforts as they
continue to improve throughout the season. Pictured here are Alexia Chase. Summer Gargus. Rhianna P INSTALLATIONS P
Boulanger, Peyton Gole. Aubrey Roth. Linda Hawke, Coach Christine Chase and Assistant Coach Ashley * Furnace Replacement
Haluza. Missing is Alex Beckmann due to injury. (see sports page) * Furnaces/Air Conditioners
* Residential Heating Packages
County discusses public consultation * Electronic Air Cleaners
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
on facilities and programs * Sheet Metal Work
by Adrienne Tait “This gives us the rural concerns are. It is nice to going to be in recreating Email:
interpretation of needs. hear from the youth as a one?”
T h e Ye l l o w h e a d This is going to be a real focus group.” Mayor The suggestion was 4640 3 Avenue Phone: (780) 723-3553
C o u n t y c o u n c i l eye-opener as far as I'm Soroka pointed out that made by CAO Ramme Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552
discussed the need for concerned.” many of those youth t h a t p e r h a p s t h e
input from its residents Council debated what would become adult “committee” instead be MATS & COVERALL
r e g a r d i n g w h a t size the catchment area users of programming the two councils once the
programs, services, should be and agreed and facilities. data is gathered and put RENTALS AND SERVICES
a n d / o r p o t e n t i a l with Councillor Jack C o u n c i l l o r F r e d into a report. A further
facilities they would like W i l l i a m s ' Priestley-Wright said, suggestion was made SPACE FOR RENT
to see offered in the recommendation that “It's nice to hear from that the chairperson not
Edson area. they use the school bus youth but I hear parents be someone from either OR LEASE
The draft version of the routes as an appropriate complaining about council but someone (108 50 Street)
Edson-Yellowhead area. Williams said, travelling. We need to neutral.
County joint community “Those kids use Edson identify youth versus Mayor Soroka said the
* Furnace Replacement
services strategic services and because adult.” project and its priorities, Approximately 1,000 sq. ft.
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
planning project was they use Edson services C A O R a m m e w h e t h e r c u l t u r a l ,
* Residential Heating Packages
* Electronic Air Cleaners
presented to council in the parents have an cautioned that often r e c r e a t i o $1,200/month
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers n ,
o r d e r t o r e c e i v e involvement.” asking for feedback can p r o g r a m m i n g , o r
* Sheet Metal Work
direction regarding the Williams pointed out create false expectations physical activity, “Is
scope of the project. that youth from Robb, and frustration if people about quality of life- how or call DAVID at 780-517-2727
The study as proposed Marlboro, and Peers are don't see results. With do you want to enhance
would be a joint effort among those that would respect to a difference in your quality of life?” 108 50 Street, Edson
with the town of Edson be involved in after priorities between
to examine existing school activities or who residents of Edson and
community service are bussed into Edson residents of Yellowhead
programs and amenities, and therefore should be County Ramme said,
as well as to survey area considered stating that “We might be pleasantly
residents regarding what limiting the results to a surprised. The messages
t h e y b e l i e v e t h e five or 10 mile radius might be similar.”
priorities should be and may not include all Councillor Berry said it
what they wish to see. users. is important to know
“Someone might say Mayor Gerald Soroka what both county and
lake access, another trail said, “I'm not opposed to town residents see as
access, we are leaving it that idea but it opens up priorities.
open because we've half the county.” Further discussion
never really done this “It all boils down to centered on attendance
before,” said county where the kids go,” said at the various sessions.
CAO Jack Ramme. The Williams. Councillors from both
community engagement I f t h e s t r a t e g i c municipalities would be
process goes one step planning process moves invited to attend should
farther and includes forward a variety of they so choose.
opportunity for feedback means would be used in Councillor Williams
on how much residents w h i c h t o e n g a g e said, “If we are truly
are willing to fund new residents including trying to get information
projects. media, social media, then both councils
Ramme said one of the mail outs, and hosting should be there. It's
o b j e c t i v e s o f t h e c o ff e e - s h o p s t y l e important, and we
consultation would be to community engagement should go to theirs as
gauge priorities. “Edson sessions at county halls. well they should come to
might find that people M a y o r S o r o k a ours. Then they can
want trails. We need to suggested they go one actually hear what our
gauge what people step further and engage residents are saying and
actually want instead of the youth in the schools. vice versa.”
government imposing “What about going to the Councillor Russell
w h a t g o v e r n m e n t schools to see what the said, “Edson just
wants.” kids want to see? There dissolved the committee
C o u n c i l l o r F r e d is a point where you don't we are talking about.
Priestley-Wright said, realise what their How interested are they
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