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The solar electricity hype
Icy hill on Wolf Lake road concerning HOUSE FOR SALE

by Adrienne Tait the bylaw. You can wreck a road driving with chains
on but anyone in the industry driving with chains
Concerns have been raised regarding nine mile hill won't do it for any distance.”
on the Wolf Lake road. The grade of the hill, which Councillor David Russell echoed Giezen's
was originally 12%, was reduced to 9% when it was comments and said, “I would have helped them
rebuilt. Despite the reduction in grade and being a chain up. I had no idea we had a bylaw that
prohibits chains on a gravel road. That's so far from
gravel road the icy conditions have proven
blind view treacherous for truckers. common sense.”
County bylaw prohibits the use of chains and
Two complaints had been received in writing by
council was presented with two options to consider. companies as well as one phone call to councillor
window The first, and most expensive, was to rebuild the Berry. “My biggest concern is safety. It is a heavily Fully finished 1,254 sq. ft. home for sale in
travelled road,” said Berry.
road. The second was to permit the use of chains
Westgrove. The house has 4 bedrooms and
Increased signage, the use of chains, and
and identify chain up and off areas.
During County's committee of the whole meeting
fashions Conservative on February 16, Councillor Giezen expressed designated chain up and unchain areas were all an office, gas fireplace upstairs and wood
burning stove in basement. 24x24 ft.
deemed to be an appropriate response to the
attached garage. The house backs onto
iews later date for resolution. walking trails and sits on an oversized lot with
concerns. The issue will return before council at a
surprise at the bylaw and said, “I am surprised that is
lots of trees and flowerbeds. Brick driveway.
Speed reduction at Fulham School Shed and dog kennel.
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
January 4, January 25 by Adrienne Tait between the hours of 8 removed although the t h e c o u n c i l Asking $449,900
unanimously agreed to
signs depicting school
a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Yellowhead County The zone used to be a children remain. support the proposed
February 15 received a request for 30 km/hr school zone f r o m A l b e r t a speed reduction. Phone 780-712-7609
According to the letter
but it was thought that
support from Alberta
Transportation, “The
some of the larger
Transportation for the
March 7, 28 iews investigation of a vehicles were not investigation will also
p r o p o s e d s p e e d
slowing down in time. encompass the possible
implementation of a
reduction on highway
There is a service road
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser 32 near Fulham School. between the highway pilot project for the
installation of variable
and the school for
The proposal would
busses and local traffic
see the speed limit
speed reduction signs,
May 9, 30 reduced from 100 km/hr to and from the school. including variable speed
Councillor David
to 70 km/hr from
reduction advance
R u s s e l l t o l d t h e
September through June
warning signs on a date
for an area 800 meters in committee of the whole and time activation.”
June 20 length, 400 meters on on February 16 that discussion and question
While there was some
e a c h s i d e o f t h e
those speed limit signs,
pedestrian cross walk, and/or references to as to what exactly the
July 11 speed, have been pilot project will entail
August 1, 22 YOUR
Sept. 12 COMMUNITY Sid's Safety
October 3, 24 SPECIALISTS! & Janitor al

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