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County reviews increased support

for community organizations

by Adrienne Tait purpose? We have two standards, it doesn't seem
equitable. A county bathroom has a problem and
Yellowhead County council discussed what we fix it. If a community group has a problem
changes in recreation services, grant funding, and they have to go get quotes, raise money, and it
community organization supports they wish to see may end up getting fixed with duct tape because
for their residents. they can't afford to fix it properly.”
Council has indicated they would like to initiate Mayor Soroka said that he agreed more support
an increased level of support for community is needed but felt “community buy-in” was
organizations. essential to ensuring a fully functioning group.
Councillor Fred Priestley-Wright told council he Council is also reviewing ways to ensure that
felt there was a “disconnect” in communication community groups understand potential financial
between the county and the community groups. grants and aids available and will review
He said the county is willing to help but the programming funding versus capital funding
community groups are often unable to criteria.
communicate their needs effectively. County administration plans to take an inventory
CAO Jack Ramme urged council to look closely of community groups within its boundaries over
at their policies and said they may wish to the course of the next month in order to have the Claudia Kilgannon shows how to mill grain to
“reinvent the wheel” in this case. “What is our information for the next committee of the whole Kaylynn Westman (8) along with other children
meeting. at Galloway's Adventures at the Museum held
February 15. Photo Deanna Mitchener
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challenging. One way tag by approximately which of the options % %
to alleviate crossing $30 million. presented was most Computer Generated Kits & Bowls Bowls
issues with CN is to At the close of the favourable. to ensure an exact fit. 200 O
construct a fly over. presentation council The construction costs
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of constructing any type i n f o r m a t i o n w a s road from range road ALL
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* Furnaces Replacement
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
continued from front * Residential Heating Packages
* Electronic Air Cleaners
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
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