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continued from front Yellowhead County’s Trails Master Plan unveiled
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continued from front The report states, "80.5% of Albertans identify receptacles, seating areas, benches, and signage are trails."
continued from front walking for pleasure as their favourite activity also part of the plan. Mayor Gerald Soroka said, "When the numbers
which often occurs on trails. Trails and trail-based Councillor Lavone Olson, asked, "Some of these are put together its starts adding up, but over a 20
recreation are an important contributor to the trails are already in existence does the cost take this year time frame is much more realistic. The number
quality of life of the County's local residents, as into consideration?" Debney responded, "Yes, what one priority I've have heard from residents is the
they support healthy lifestyles, protect we would be looking at is upgrading those exiting development of more trails within our hamlets.”
environmentally significant areas, and provide
opportunities to celebrate the County's heritage and
culture." The trails also provide an economic Golf Course granted tax exemption
opportunity that can strengthen and diversify the by Adrienne Tait exemption must be granted if procedural and
County's economy by attracting visitors and eligibility requirements are met.
promoting tourism. Town Council granted a property tax exemption Councillor Trevor Bevan said he was happy to see
It was discovered that there are approximately for the two properties which house the golf course at the Golf Club come forward and apply for the
2,360 km of trails in the County system with the their regular council meeting on February 20. The exemption as it is something he believes should
Misadventures condition of the trails ranging from good to poor. property tax exemption is for the course itself. have been done before now.
Of these, the County directly manages 2.4 kms of
The exemption is in effect for the 2018 tax year
The application for exemption was approved
sanctioned trails in Brule, Evansburg, and Jerry
Vanderwell Memorial Park. For the most part, based on Alberta Regulation no. 281 s15(a), which and will continue without reapplication for a
maximum of three years.
allows non-profit organizations which own property
trails within County lands are a network of that is used for sports or recreation property tax Granting a property tax exemption to community
informal, unmanaged routes that lack the design, exemptions so long as eligibility requirements are based not-for-profit groups and societies is
amenities, and quality necessary to provide safe met. Professional sports franchises are excluded something the Town has done in the past and
and enjoyable experiences, according the report. from the exemption. continues to do for properties such as the Lion's
Trails and parks have been identified for each of Councillor Troy Sorensen asked if such a decision Hall, the McMann Youth, Family and Community
the eight hamlets that fit into the area structure was discretionary for council. Director of Finance Services Association building, and the Edson
plans including: a 3.8 kms of non-motorized trails Sarah Bittner said as per legislation the property tax Masonic Lodge.
in Brule; 3.6 kms of mixed-use trails in Cadomin; 5
kms of non-motorized trails in Evansburg; 8.5 kms Hillendale Phase 2 lots get price reduction
of non-motorized trails in Marlboro; 0.9 kms of
non-motorized trails in Niton Junction; 7.1 kms of by Adrienne Tait “This will allow perspective buyers to better access
mixed-use trails in Robb; 1.2 kms of non-motorized funds for the lots from lenders.”
trails in Peers; and 4.9 kms of non-motorized trails In an effort to spur sales in Hillendale phase 2 the Councillor Trevor Bevan said he was glad to see
in Wildwood. Town of Edson approved a price reduction to the the Town move forward with the price reductions,
The plan also calls for more extensive trail lots at their regular council meeting on February 20. “We did try to sell them ourselves and couldn't. We
development in County campgrounds and lakes Director of Planning Ann Dechambeau said the brought the real estate brokerages on board and they
including a 10.1 km non-motorized trail at Bear reduction is a reflection of current market couldn't. We removed the restrictive covenants on
Lake Campground; a 2.8 km non-motorized trail at conditions. The new prices vary in reduction rate some of the lots and still they didn't sell. I have
Beta Lake Campground; and a 52 kms of non- from lot to lot but achieve an average decrease of always said we need to lower the price. I am 100%
motorized trail around Chip Lake, along with many 17% overall to better reflect the appraisals. in support of this.”
other trails it identifies. In addition, the Town approved paying out the Mayor Kevin Zahara said, “The lots are sitting
The Yellowhead County's Trail Master Plan could outstanding Offsite Levies from reserves. The new there not generating anything. If we drop the prices
involve over $13,000,000 in capital investment lot prices now reflect those costs and the Town and they start to sell we can generate tax revenue,
over 20 years with 141 kms of trails developed. intends to do internal accounting transfers to pay jobs, and housing.”
Amenities including staging areas, toilets, garbage back the reserve as lots sell. The Town believes,

MARCH 17, 2018 Mint Homes Ltd.

The Edson Senior's Transportation Society is holding their 20
Annual Trivia Night; on March 17 starting at 5:30 PM, so
doors will be open to the public at 5:00 PM. The event has
always been a huge success and a lot of fun.

The senior's Transportation Society is a non-profit organization
that depends upon the community to help support this much
needed service for our seniors and people of all ages with Mint
temporary or permanent disabilities so once a year we host the
fun packed evening of Trivia Night. It's a night where you come
together with family, friends or co-workers and try to out-smart
your opponents.

Our table raffle has some totally awesome prizes donated by
local businesses. If you would like to donate an item for our
raffle table, please call Cindy for pick up. We have prizes to be
won for the best dressed team, so come on out in your creative Homes
out-fits for some laughs and some fun and of course some
great competition with prizes to the best team. Covered front and rear Verandas and a
main floor master are featured in this
Our event books up fast, so plan your teams and book early, affordable country home .
not to be disappointed. Some of you may be working on
Saturday, not to worry as you can come right over after work Two bedrooms upstairs and a full
and have a bite to eat at our concession. We will have lots of bathroom.
food to fill those hunger pains. This year our food choices will 1/4
be Beef Stew with a cheese biscuit or Ham and Cheese on a This a simple home to For these plans
Kaiser bun with Caesar salad. We will have a variety of sweet build and is a very
treats and salty munchies. The Legion will be running the bar. practical design.

Polish off your thinking caps and come out and support our Member of National Home Warranty Program
community bus! If you are interested in finding out any more
information you can contact Cindy Hardy at 780-725-3307. Phone: 780-723-2330

Registration forms can be picked up in the lobby at Parkland Fax: 780-723-5068
Lodge. See you all there!
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