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Classic tale of Robinson Crusoe for Family Day

by Adrienne Tait JERRY FORD 2018

The Town of Edson brought Axis Theatre's
Robinson Crusoe and Friday to the Red Brick January 8 & 22
Theatre on Saturday.
“AXIS performed for the schools last year and as
they were already in town I was able to book them
for Family Day Weekend. I saw they were
presenting Robinson Crusoe (+ Friday) and I February 5, 19
thought it was a great opportunity to bring a fun
show for families to watch together. I got great
feedback from those who did attend, so it was
definitely worth it having them out this year!” said March 5, 19
Town of Edson recreation and culture programmer
Ali Broda.
The family friendly play featured ship wrecked
British sailor Robinson Crusoe and his life stranded April 2, 16, 30
on an island as he waited to be rescued. After
many years Crusoe is joined on the island by
“Friday” when he rescues her from pirates and they
soon became friends. The play is an adaptation of May 14, 28
the Daniel Defoe classic tale.
Axis Theatre is well known for producing high
quality plays. Unfortunately, the long weekend
performance did not draw the crowd the Town was June 11, 25
hoping for, selling approximately half the tickets.
Broda said this is likely the last Family Day long
weekend play for a few years while the town re-
evaluates what families may be interested in July 9, 23
“The play is amazing quality and AXIS Theatre
always provides a wonderful show, so it's too bad
we didn't get more people out to watch the August 6, 20
performance. We sold half the theatre, which is fine
for a long-weekend. Next year we will be doing a Sarah Roa as Friday and William Ford Hopkins as Robinson Crusoe rescue a “captain,” played
different fun family event,” said Broda. by a member of the audience, during the Saturday afternoon play at the red Brick theatre.
photo Adrienne Tait September 3, 17
Cable Theft: A Community Problem

Copper cable thieves are disrupting internet your community means protecting access to one all the more effective if all communities are October 1, 15, 29
coverage in Yellowhead County's communities. of our basic human rights: Internet access. proactive in protecting this crucial utility.
The County urges all residents to report Please spread this message throughout your
suspicious activity and severed cables. community—no community should have to November 12, 26
Summers Drilling
suffer because of the greed of criminals. Summers Drilling
The internet keeps our communities in touch Yellowhead County will continue to patrol
Water Well Drilling
and informed. It can entertain, answer questions, known theft areas, but the county's effort will be Water Well Drilling
and offer advice. But it also allows our remote December 10, 24
communities to access services, such as banking,
from home. BILL MITCHELL A proud Alberta business, since 1917, oud Alberta business, since 1917,
A pr
Though Yellowhead County continues to
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
provide and improve upon internet service NORTH NEW TRUCK SALES Summers Drilling specializes in water well
drilling and water well repairs. epairs.
infrastructure, communities must work together drilling and water well r
to prevent the theft of cable—and stop internet
outages. Cable thieves are criminal opportunists Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
who are willing to disrupt internet coverage for 26124 TWP Road 531A
entire communities just to make a few dollars Acheson, AB T7X 5A1
from selling copper wiring.
If you see a person acting suspiciously around
temporary cabling, please dial 9-1-1 and report Waiting for
your concern. As well, if you notice a severed
4405 50 streeteet
cable, please call 310-2887, or 310-CUTS to 4405 50 str 780-963-1282
Stony Plain, AB
report a repair. After all, protecting the cabling in Toll Free 1-800-252-7500 Stony Plain, AB www
Cell: 780-984-2224
Phone: 780-702-4185
For Rent This friendly feline is Panda! Jerry Ford
For Rent
Panda is a spayed young female
$1095/month with beautiful white whiskers.
She is friendly when approached
3 bedroom mobile slowly and is good with dogs and
3 bedroom mobile
situated on large lot.
situated on large lot. cats. She is a great candidate for
This home includes a barn or shop cat. changes March 5
This home includes
fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Contact EARS to find out how to
fridge, stove, washer and dryer.
bring Panda home.

Must be seen
Must be seen Sponsored by: J
to be appreciated. 780-712-9493
to be appreciated.
Fax: 780-723-2213
Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110 Call 780-723-9493 for information
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