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County updated on Weyerhaeuser's forest management plan

by Adrienne Tait within Weyerhaeuser's forest management area life cycle range. The weather is warmer and we
(FMA). Winship said that while there are no have set out lunch for the beetle,” said Winship.
The Weyerhaeuser Pembina Timberlands forest caribou herds in their FMA other protected species “One of the best ways to prevent the pine beetle
management plan was brought before Yellowhead such as grizzly bears are carefully monitored. is break up. A mixture of young and old trees as
County council for information purposes at their “There are other factors that disturb those well as adding species such as aspen and spruce,”
Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, species,” said Winship who gave recreational said Winship who then cautioned, “but if we
February 21. vehicles, roads, and pipelines as examples, “We replace nature it will find something to control
Bob Winship presented an overview of Alberta's are going to see thresholds- manmade- that are that too. Like agriculture, we are only ever one
Land Use Framework as it relates to forestry, going to start impacting how much we can or can't step ahead of nature.”
outlines the forest management agreement, and do.” Carbon emission from fires as well as from
the company's forest management plan. The CAO Jack Ramme asked why forestry does not rotting forest was also discussed. Because the
forest plan, subject to government approvals, burn after harvest in order to mimic a forest fire. burning of brush and leftover branches is
forecasts future forest development at 200 years, Winship said, “To use fire as a tool does have mandated by the government (in order to avoid
sets sustainable timber harvest levels, a 20 year some advantages but it is not easy to do. It is too accumulations that can make forest fires harder to
sequencing of timber harvesting locations, and is risky. The fire has to be very hot and can be hard control) forest companies are not charged with
revised every 10 years. to control.” those emissions although their facilities are.
Winship also reviewed the reforestation Mayor Soroka asked about the mountain pine Winship said rotting trees not only give off
protocols the company follows and said they plant beetle. Winship said with the wild fire controls carbon but also release methane into the
more than 4 million seedlings annually and that are in place the forests have become more atmosphere. “The burning also burns off the
monitor reforested areas for 15 years. mature and create an environment that is methane but still gives off emissions,” said
Mayor Gerald Soroka asked if there were any favourable to the beetle. “We have stopped the Winship.
issues regarding species at risk, such as caribou, fires so the forest is older and outside of it natural

County council reviews collector road priorities

photo Mikaela Kuefler
by Adrienne Tait Lake/Elk River road, and the MacLeod river to enhance the program by adding one additional
bridge. road construction project each year to the local
County council reviewed the collector road While a new bridge at the MacLeod river will road plan.
priorities and the five year local road construction not be required for a few years, and repairs were If enhanced by $4 million the county would be
plan presented by director Don O'Quinn during completed five years ago, director O'Quinn said it able to complete their regular three miles but
the February 2 Committee of the Whole meeting. needs replaced in the next 10 years and the county would be able to include an extra $3-$4 million
In order of priority Director O'Quinn said the needs to start planning now. project thereby increasing the local road
completion of the Rosevear bridge is the first CAO Jack Ramme said, “When you look back construction to up to 10 miles per year instead of
priority this year followed by a planning study for over the last 10-15 years you have made three.
the Days area to connect to Long Lake. substantial progress.” Director O'Quinn said, “It is only a plan and
Also on the list for this year is the Tom Hill Councillor Russell asked if council could see a things could change if events dictate.”
Tower road which is expected to go to tender by plan to pave the subdivisions within the county. The plan will be brought forth to council at a
the end of the month. Council then heard an update and plans for the regular meeting for adoption in principle.
Looking further out but also on the priority list five year local road construction plan. Outside of
for collector roads are the Long Lake road the larger, tendered road projects the county
regrading, land purchasing for a collector road in currently averages three miles per year for local In Loving Memory Of
the Chip Lake area, improvements to Wolf road reconstruction. Director O'Quinn proposed
William (Bill) Dubie
February 28, 2016
Grandson Kelley Moses
April 10, 2014

Love your family.

Georgia Jonasson, Flordeliza Aquino, Rebecca Tikiden, Joel Aquino and their children enjoy some
sledding on the Kinsmen hill recently. The weather was great for some outdoor activities with the
family. photo Deanna Mitchener


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