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Alberta Opera visits

Evergreen School

by Deanna Mitchener

Students at Evergreen School were thrilled
with the opportunity to have the Alberta Opera
visit their school on February 16 to perform the
timeless tale of Hansel and Gretel.
Alberta Opera originates out of Edmonton
and tours all over Alberta. This tour so far has
taken the cast to Hinton, Edson, Calgary,
Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Brookes, Drayton
Valley, Red Water, Peace River and Grande
Prairie to perform in Elementary Schools.
While most of the school watch the
performance, some students were able to be a
part of the play as stage hands helping in the
back. Others were helping on the main stage in Jessica Andrews plays the piano for the Hansel and Gretel performance by the traveling
front of all their school peers. Alberta Opera. Seen here at Evergreen School on February 16 with a group of students that will
Hansel and Gretel is about a brother and be taking part in the performance. photo Deanna Mitchener
sister lost in the dark forest on empty stomachs.
The siblings, following the rumble of their
empty stomachs through an eerie forest, leads Kinder-buddies get
them to a house made entirely of sweets. But
what is lurking inside this sweet house has
them using every ounce of their courage to find together for Valentine's Day
their way back home. The old woman living
inside the house is actually a witch, who uses
the sweet house to entice children. by Jocelyn Pettitt
Actor Jessica Andrews says, "This is my first
year with Alberta Opera, so it is my first
experience doing a touring show. I like
working with the kids. I think it is really fun to Mrs. Kruse-Taylor's Grade 8
see their faces light up when they get to be a students played host to A. H.
part of the show and I love inspiring them with Dakin Kindergarten students on
music and performance." Valentine's Day at École Pine
Actor Adam Houston says, "This is my first Grove Middle School.
year as well. I really enjoy getting the kids to The kinder-buddies made
laugh and I also enjoy scaring them as the heart shaped friendship
witch." bracelets, Valentine Magnets,
Actor Jaclyn Keppler says, "This is my Valentine Hats and Valentine
second year touring with Alberta Opera. The colouring. For indoor activities
rehearsals start at the end of September and the they played heart bean bag toss,
contract goes till the middle of June. We do read Valentine stories and
about 250 shows per contract. Edson is actually finished it off with a Valentine
our 100th show we are performing in on this snack in the atrium of cookies
tour." and milk.
The group usually tours from Monday to The next two meetings will
Friday doing between eight and 10 shows a be March and April at A. H.
week. The show is about an hour long and Dakin school.
spending a half hour setting up for the “It always amazes me how
performance and another half hour taking the wonderful my grade 8's are
set down. with their kinder buddies. They
The cast said usually they perform two plays are so caring and sweet with
at the same school but on occasion have had to them and they have so much Kinder-buddies from the A. H. Dakin Kindergarten class got
pack up the set and go to another two fun; which was surprising, even together with their Pine Grove Middle grade 8 buddies for
performances. for them!” – Mrs. Tina Kruse- Valentine's Day. Here, grade 8 student Dylan Cooper reads
Taylor. a story to his kindergarten buddy.


Brian Bailer is in grade 11 at Holy Redeemer High School. Brian Dakota Sailor is 17 years old and is in grade 12 at Holy Redeemer High School.
says "My favorite subject is gym class, I like to stay active be with Dakota says "English is my favorite subject in school, because I enjoy writing. I
my friends and have fun. I want to be an Officer of the Law when feel I have a lot of good ideas and I want to express them to others. I want to
I'm done all my schooling. I have been playing hockey for the past become a Psychologist. I feel like I have a different perspective of other people,
12 years, my parents got me started at a young age. I would say and I want to try and help others. Back in grade nine I went on a trip to Mexico
lasagna with meat sauce is my favorite thing to eat. I went to with family, it was beautiful there and I hope to do more traveling. I enjoy eating
Europe this past summer with a friend and spent two weeks there. fish for all the protein they have, I've even gone salmon fishing and hooked myself
I would love to go back." some good sized ones."

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