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Sleigh rides and hot dogs at Willmore Park 'Unplugged' event

by Deanna Mitchener

It was a beautiful Family Day 'Unplugged'
weekend in the Edson area with many events
going on.
The Town of Edson hosted a family event at
Willmore Park, in partnership with the Edson
Animal Rescue Society (EARS) and Newalta on
February 19 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Families had the opportunity to come out and
enjoy free sleigh rides in the fresh air, go sledding
on the toboggan hill, sit by a fire and roast hot
dogs or have an EARS volunteers cook them up
one on the barbeque. They were even cooking
hamburgers. There was also hot chocolate, pop
and chips available.
The event was free to all that came with
donations being accepted for EARS. They had a Tyler and Brianne Setzer take a group of families for a sleigh ride around Willmore Park on
terrific turn out at Willmore Park with families February 19 during the Family Day 'Unplugged' event. photo Deanna Mitchener
and friends unplugged from electronics and
enjoying the gorgeous spring-like weather.
Kids were running and playing with the sounds
of laughter throughout the campground. Several
adults mentioned this was their first time on a
sleigh ride and that it was a great idea. Kids
enjoyed seeing the huge work horses pulling the
sleighs around the park.
Krysta Hawbolldt with the Town of Edson's
Recreation Department, said, "Today is a part of
our Family Day Unplugged events. We have free
sleigh rides happening with two sets of horses and
sleighs that were brought in by Setzer's Sleigh and
Wagon Rides from the Niton area. It has been a
great turn out. A lot of families were out taking
part in the event which is great to see.”

Concerns over Hillendale Town of Edson, EARS Edson and Newalta join forces to bring a Family
Day Unplugged event to Willmore Park on Feb. 19. photo Deanna
Phase 2 restriction changes Mitchener

by Adrienne Tait Director of planning Ann
Dechambeau assured council that
Town council approved the other architectural matters, such as
removal of the restrictive covenants hard surfacing requirements, will
in Hillendale phase 2 for Plan still be “dealt with at the time of
1224721, Block 2, Lots 38-55 and development permit issuance.”
Plan 1224721, Block 3, Lots 56-61. The removal of the restrictive
The request to remove the covenants applies to the selected
restrictive covenants from the lots only and remains in place for Please join
development after the town the remainder of the subdivision.
received a request from a developer Councillors Bevan and Wilkinson
to consider the changes. both expressed concern regarding Edson Credit Union
The restrictive covenants, which the list price of the Hillendale phase
require developers to hard surface 2 lots and the lack of sales. Bevan for our
driveways with concrete or paving said, “I'm not 100% sure that we
stones and include a double will sell these even with the th
attached garage, were initially put restrictive covenants removed. I 74 Annual
in place as architectural controls in like it, but our prices are still too
the subdivision in order to establish high. Bring them down and sell General Meeting
a consistent and attractive these things. I know two people
development. that were looking to build and went
Councillor Brian Boyce said, “I to the county because it was
always felt we got carried away cheaper.” When: Tuesday,
with our restrictive covenants. I Mayor Pasychny disagreed and March 14, 2017
think there should be safeguards, said the current economy was a
for example that a garage is able to bigger issue than price, “These lots
be added in the future and two off we compared to other Location: Best Western High Road Inn,
street parking spaces, but I would municipalities and they compare.
like to get rid of the concrete or They are not selling because the Heatherwood Room
interlocking brick – there is nothing economy is in the tank,” he added, 300 52nd St., Edson, AB
wrong with asphalt.” “When the economy was rocking
CAO Mike Derricott said he had we sold a subdivision. If we lower
spoken with developers on both that price that means our tax payers Time: Registration 5:30 pm
sides of the issue with one have subsidized the lots. You're not Dinner 6:00 pm
developer saying the current going to give it away. In the city
restrictions in place make it you pay $150,000.” Meeting 7:00 pm
challenging to develop a house for After some debate the discussion
under $500,000 while another returned to the removal of the
developer expressed concern that restrictive covenants. Mayor Tickets are available at
removing the restrictive covenants Pasychny said, “Those were put
at this point would negatively there for a reason.” Edson Savings and Credit Union
impact his development plans and The council ultimately voted to $10 per person
change the dynamic. remove the covenants.
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