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Fun Times A Student View

for Kids


Fun ONLY RUNS IF SPRING BREAK What is your child doing over spring
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
for Kids
break? Why not join the fun activities at the Club! Daily
rate $35.00 ($30.00 for each additional child) Field Trip
extra fee. open 8:00am-6:00pm, snacks and fun provided.

AN ARTICLE Call to register and secure your spot! Grade six science students at Pine Grove raced hovercrafts as part of an experiment.
March 28-April Full Day camp. Monday: Adventure Day;
Tuesday: Live Game Show Day; Wednesday: Field Trip;
Telus Science, IMAX; Thursday: Race Around the World;
Friday: PJ DAY Aerodynamics challenge at Pine Grove
Submitted photo Monday: Sport and Swim

TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT Friday nights from 6:30 to Grade six science students at École Pine Grove faced the floor.
8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16 year olds that Middle School were putting their newly acquired They used blow-dryers and long extension cords to
want to be part of the Club's programming one night a knowledge in aerodynamics to the test this week, as power the hovercrafts with air to see which were the
week. The program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable they raced hovercrafts across the atrium. fastest.
place for youth to get together. The hovercrafts were built during one period by Students enjoyed watching their creations be put
KINDERCLUB: The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub cutting a hole out of one side of a cereal box and to the test while learning the applications of science.
programming on all non-kindergarten days. The program is then the students cut out the opposite side which
offered 8:00am to 3:00 (with the opportunity to join the
after-school program from 3:00pm to 6:00pm). The Club
will be offering kinderclub trial days in June for pre- Student project tests for visual or auditory learning
kindergarten kids. Please call the Club for more
information by Deanna Mitchener sequence of numbers in 30 seconds. Students testing100 students.
780-723-7240. 30 seconds. After need to say the ABC's Once all the data is
S t u d e n t s L o g a n looking at the numbers and then recite the collected, a count will be
DID YOU KNOW?: The Club has a very popular AFTER
SCHOOL PROGRAM! Why? First the Club provides a safe Scheffelmaier and Noah for 30 seconds the numbers which they done to see if the
bus and walk system from each school, then provides a Ali have been testing individual needs to recite heard. majority of learners are
healthy after-school snack and then there is a ton of fun other students to see if the ABC's to block some So far 60 students from visual or auditory. The
and interesting programming each day! All of this for a they are better at visual memory before telling A.H. Dakin School were data will be on display at
low monthly fee of $100.00. Spaces are still open call the or auditory learning. me the order of the tested and they were Westhaven School's
club today for this quality child care program.
Noah said, "For visual numbers.” doing tests at the Science Fair the end of
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE! testing I give them list of For an auditory test KidsFest and at Pine March. numbers, they need to try they say the numbers Grove Middle School.
and remember the repeating them over for They are looking at
A good place to be


Proud Sponsor of the

Edson Boys & Girls Club

Students Logan Scheffelmaier and Noah Ali on February 20 testing Hunter Livingston to see if he is an
auditory or visual learner. photo Deanna Mitchener


Tayden Dickson is 11 years old, goes to the Alexandra Daniel is 12 years old and attends Pine
Fulham School and is in grade six. Tayden says, Grove School. Alexandra is in grade six and says,
“Gym class is my favorite class to attend at “My favorite subject in school is Science. For
school. I like to eat carrots and I’m a part of the hobbies I enjoy horse back riding and belonging to
4-H Knight Riders for the past three years now. I the 4-H Knight Riders for the past four years. I have
don’t have my own horse, but I get to use one my own horse named Spade. My favorite color is
by the name of Patches. I get to ride her and green. If I could have anything to eat for supper it
even spend time grooming her or feeding her. would be spaghetti. I hope to be a veterinarian
Horse back riding is a lot of fun.” when I grow up.”

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