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Climate Change plan puts area jobs at risk

continued from front Happy 50th Big D.
residents. the lab stage. The only one I have talked to that has
“We're not denying there is climate change. We are done it at the plant stage is the people in Japan who March 2
not denying there are greenhouse gases. What we are have used it in Australia and have 10,000 hours on a
saying is this cannot all be placed on coal,” said real plant. They have reduced emissions and produced
Campbell. nitrogen.” Campbell estimated the cost to retrofit a
Campbell said, “We have seven mines that produce plant to be half a billion dollars.
28 metric tonnes of thermal coal and that is burned “The two newest plants are almost zero emissions
right here.” At the current time there are 33 billion now. The studies done between 2010 and 2014 in Go with
tonnes of coal in the province. Edmonton show no affect at all on the air quality so the
“We think coal has a place. We think we can burn it technology is there now,” said Campbell. the flow
clean. We would like to see the government spend Part of the Climate Plan which was announced on
more time and money on research and technology to November 22, 2015 was a carbon tax. The carbon tax on the big
continue to reduce emissions and then patent that will cover 90% of all Alberta emissions resulting in an
technology and sell it worldwide because the world is estimated $500 annual increase in cost to the average Five-Oh!
going to continue to burn coal,” said Campbell. Alberta household. The proposed carbon tax is $30 per
“When we put together this campaign as an tonne, 7 cents per litre of gasoline, and a new $1.68 per
association one of the things that was important to me gigajoule tax on natural gas.
is that this is not about corporate Canada. This Campbell said that ACT is concerned about the Love your
campaign is about you in the room that work in the human face of the proposed plan including escalating
coal mines. This is about working families,” said costs not only for electricity but cost of living for family
Campbell. groceries, job loss, and the financial impact to local
Questions regarding wind power and solar power municipalities with taxation loss (corporate and
were addressed. Without the provincial royalty income residential) when moving from coal powered
from oil and gas Campbell said there is not the income electricity.
to pay for the subsidies that would be required for During the question and answer period at the end of
renewable energy. the presentation Campbell addressed a number of
“When I look at Alberta I think there are 980 wind questions from the audience.
turbines in the province now and we'd be looking at Councillor Tammy Strang was in attendance and
somewhere in the neighborhood of 9000 to replace asked what ACT would like to see from municipalities. P INSTALLATIONS P
coal. That's a lot of wind turbines and they are only “As a municipal politician you deserve to know what * Furnace Replacement
about 35% efficient,” said Campbell, “For every wind the plan is. As a resident you need to know what the * Furnaces/Air Conditioners
turbine you need 220 million tonnes of steel and plan is. I can tell you that right now the companies * Residential Heating Packages
concrete and rebar which you need coking coal for and don't even know what the plan is,” said Campbell, * Electronic Air Cleaners
you need thermal coal to run the coking coal plants.” “The power generators don't even know what the plan * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
Solar and wind have potential said Campbell but at is. They are frustrated because they don't even have a * Sheet Metal Work
this time are not practical on a large scale in part due to negotiator yet.” FREE ESTIMATES
storage in Alberta. Campbell encouraged those in attendance to write or
Mayor Pasychny asked if it would not be more viable call their local MLA and provincial politicians to ask Email:
to change the scrubbers on the stacks and make the for answers. He cited Bill 6 as an example of the
current plants more efficient. power of citizens making an impact on the provincial 4640 3 Avenue Phone: (780) 723-3553
Campbell said, “The technology is expensive. The government. Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552
infrastructure is already there, the mine is there, we've Campbell is a fourth generation miner whose
got the coal, it's affordable and dependable. In my experience as the former West Yellowhead MLA
mind we should be spending the tech money on included minister of a number of portfolios including MATS & COVERALL
research and technology. I get a call a day from finance and environment during his tenure.
somebody who has new technology they have done at RENTALS AND SERVICES
Grade 7 students at Holy SPACE FOR RENT
Redeemer were busy creating a
project called Eggs in Space. OR LEASE
Students in groups built a structure (108 50 Street)
* Furnace Replacement
to hold an egg 30 cm above and 10
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
cm out from the edge of a table for 1
* Residential Heating Packages
* Electronic Air Cleaners
minute under the teachings of Mrs.
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
Kay-Amber Spreen. From Approximately 1,000 sq. ft.
* Sheet Metal Work there,
one brave volunteer had to lay $1,200/month
beneath the structure while it was
tested. Here, Shanyce Fawcett,
Shadon Johnson, Hannah Nitz,
Devin Hamilton and John Bolones or call DAVID at 780-517-2727
are among the class busy creating 108 50 Street, Edson
their experiment.
Sparky is a 8 yr FOR SALE BY OWNER 4912 2 Avenue
Box 6118
old Pom/Schitzu/ Edson, AB T7E 1T6
Poodle cross who
absolutely loves to Please join
be where you are,
loves walks, loves Edson Credit Union
to play with toys!

He does take a for our
while to warm up to other dogs as he has 73rd Annual
been a only child most of his life and he
seems to prefer the two legged ladies over General Meeting
men. $215,500

He has never really been around children so a $215,500 605 53 Street605 53 Street When: Wednesday,
home with older kids would be a better fit. 7,000 sq. ft. lot. 2 bdr, 4 pc bath. March 16, 2016

Sparky is looking for a home in which he will Fully fenced. 2 car gravel driveway.
receive lots of love and attention, preferably all 3 blocks to downtown. Location: Edson Recreation
to himself.
Cross street to school and park. Complex
Visit All major upgrades. Roof, furnace,
for more information or 780-712-6788. hot water tank, kitchen counter Time: Registration 5:30 pm
Sponsored by: and taps.
Meeting 7:00 pm
780-712-9493 Phone or text Judy at
Fax: 780-723-2213 Dinner tickets are available at the Credit
Call 780-723-9493 for information 780-712-5667 Union at a cost of $10.00/person.
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