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The solar electricity hype
Unexpected brownout damages Low response to town

emergency communication equipment online business survey

by Adrienne Tait Alley paving came out, and they had lend support for
A draft alley paving their say. I don't think wastewater system by Adrienne Tait
u p g r a d e s i n t h e
this is the proper thing to
program was presented
At the Town of
blind view Edson's committee of to council at the do… The limit is there summer of 2015. The results from the town of Edson
for a reason.”
Derricott said, “The
committee of the whole
the whole meeting on
Councillor Boyce
February 23 council meeting. Council encouraged the owner to province has made a business survey were reviewed at the
committee of the whole meeting on
window d i s c u s s e d t h e d i s c u s s e d t h e reapply after the one year commitment and they February 22.
s i g n i f i c a n t
implementation of a
unexpected brownout
The online survey did not receive as many
period was up and said
a r e w a i t i n g f o r
cost-sharing incentive
in May of 2015 that
fashions Conservative damaged some of the program between the the advantage at that progress.” respondents as first hoped but
communications coordinator Steve Bethge
time is it would be
Mayor Pasychny
town and residents in
Y e l l o w h e a d
iews c o m m u n i c a t i o n paving. application. with the minister of cross section of businesses in Edson from
said those that did respond provided a good
requested meetings
considered a whole new
order to encourage alley
Emergency Services
Infrastructure the
Under the program the
equipment at the 911
home based business to industrial
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
Fire Chief Al Schram
centre. The costs of the
Environment but had
establish the annual
call center are shared municipality would presented a request for m i n i s t e r o f businesses.
The majority of businesses believed the
yet to hear back.
continued support of the
January 4, January 25 by the municipalities of linear rate for alley FireSmart program. Pasychny said, “The town business licence fees to be fair and
paving which would
Hinton, Edson, and
provide good value for the system.
only way to approve
FireSmart projects have
Yellowhead County.
ensure transparency of
66% of respondents felt that town
Though the county is
February 15 confident the costs will costs for residents. been conducted in the the project is through beautification was one way the town could
debenture. Anything
town for the past four
The incentive, if
provide more support. Comments included
over five years can be
years and are funded by
implemented, would be a
eventually be covered
the need for stricter regulations regarding
d e f e a t e d b y t h e
t h e p r o v i n c i a l
50/50 split between the
by insurance once the
March 7, 28 iews file is settled, the town and property community FireSmart public.” businesses in the downtown core.
As such the town
Other recommendations included bringing
current budget year
could find themselves
Wastewater facility
requires the purchase
in speakers for businesses and promoting
Rezoning denied
The wastewater
Town council denied a
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser of new equipment request to revisit a treatment facility between a rock and a local shopping.
hard place as the
before a settlement is
Councillor Brian Boyce said one of the
upgrades are not in the
upgrades are mandated
rezoning application
To that end, the from a resident. The 2016 budget but the by the government but biggest challenges for the town is the
difference between property owners and
May 9, 30 p a r t n e r s w e r e initial request was t o w n i s m o v i n g t h e m u n i c i p a l business owners.
forward with the tender
government act allows
presented with a higher
denied following a
The town plans to continue working with
than average invoice public hearing last July. for the project in order the public to disagree community futures and the Edson and
June 20 for their portions of the According to the Town's clarity. to funding constraints. District Chamber of Commerce to address
to gain information and
with the mandate due
l a n d u s e b y l a w
communication centre
the needs of the local business community.
CAO Mike Derricott
CAO Mike Derricott
with the understanding
applications which have
July 11 that costs settled by been rejected must wait said, “The tender will said, “I hope we would
never get to that
assist us in our
insurance applied back.
12 months before
communication efforts
Chief Schram said,
with the province. We
Council upheld their
August 1, 22 “This was unexpected bylaw. Councillor Brian can say 'here are the
and caused a lot of
numbers this is not
B o y c e s a i d , “ We
d a m a g e . T h e
going to happen
equipment was already
e n c o u r a g e p u b l i c
Sept. 12 getting dated and participation. They overnight.'” Sid's Safety
T h e p r o v i n c e
made the effort, they
p l a n n e d f o r
announced a grant to
replacement. This just
October 3, 24 sped it up.” & Janitor al
Councillor Boyce
moved that the town
approve payment. HOUSE FOR SALE
November 14 the encroachment policy. Fully finished 1,254 sq. ft. home for sale in Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
Encroachment policy
Town council reviewed
Westgrove. The house has 4 bedrooms
December 5, 26? Encroachments are and an office, gas fireplace upstairs and Email:
wood burning stove in basement. 24x24 ft.
typically discovered
during real estate sales,
as a result of a bylaw attached garage. The house backs onto
walking trails and sits on an oversized lot
c o m p l a i n t , o r with lots of trees and flowerbeds. Brick
development of parks or driveway. Shed and dog kennel.
Blind View trails.
The town has been
Window Fashions r e v i e w i n g t h e i r Asking $449,900
processes to ensure they
are clear and the town is In Store Hydraulic Hose and Repair Shop
Custom Window Treatments approachable. Phone 780-712-7609
since 1988 Improvement policy
Town council has
stream line the local Summers Drilling Water Well Drillingater Well Drilling
Summers Drilling W
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember improvement policy.
780.542.0898 O n e o f t h e
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
incudes an expression of Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
well repairs.
interest form whereby well repairs.
residents can approach
their neighbors to ensure
they are in agreement
with the proposed
improvement, such as
alley paving, and
u n d e r s t a n d s u c h
improvements come For After Hours Service call
with a cost to the land
4405 50 street
owner. 4405 50 street 780-963-1282
Stony Plain, AB www 780-517-6575
Stony Plain, AB
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