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rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
The Scene
The Scene
A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
The Scene

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

February 8 – March
Red Brick Arts Centre
Community Building
Block Art Exhibit.
Monday to Friday, 9
am to 4:30 pm. For
more information call
March 12 780-723-3582.
Evansburg Art Club painting with Tammy Taylor 10 am to 4 pm at Heritage House Evansburg. To
register and for more information contact Janice at 780-727-4340. March 4
Youth Interagency free
March 12 drop in bowling at the
Knights of Columbus Irish Stew Dinner at Sacred Heart Parish Hall at 6:30 pm. For tickets contact Edson Bowling Alley.
Wally at 780-712-8017 or Knights of Columbus Parish Office at 780-723-3661. 12 to 2 pm.

March 18 March 7 photo Deanna Mitchener
Edson United Church will be having their Annual Stew Supper. Supper starts at 6 p.m. For tickets An Edson Women’s Alberta Opera performed the musical Steadfast Soldier at the Evergreen School on February 18. Graham Vanderhoek, Caleb
contact Syb at 780-723-3034, Anne at 780-723-2487 or the church office at 780-723-3418. Everyone Day Fair is being L'Hirondelle, Tyvran Gauchier and Ashley Mariano are some of the students who got to take part in the play.
is welcome! individually organized
including a bake sale,
March 19 vendors, door prizes, Alberta Opera performs at Evergreen School
YAS Youth Rodeo from 10 am to noon at the Y.A.S. Riding Arena. For more details contact Joanna at and raffles.
780-723-0940. At the Edson Library students take part in the play.
10:30 to 3 p.m. Funds by Deanna Mitchener Stephanie Urguhart with the company, said, "We have actors
raised will go to the Evergreen School had a wonderful afternoon on February 18 Jaclyn Kappler, Milissa Cunningham, Damon Pitcher, and myself
Yellowhead Woman’s watching a play from Alberta Opera called Steadfast Soldier. traveling to different schools performing the play.”
Shelter. Contact The Alberta Opera is celebrating 32 years of bringing theatre to “From here we will be heading to Hinton where we will be
Devin at 780-723- students across the province. performing at two schools. This is all of our first years with Alberta
5191 The musical play they performed for the students and teachers at Opera. We started our tour together the end of October and so far
Evergreen School was about a unique tin soldier that becomes we have done 150 performances at different schools,”
When asked what her first year experience has been like
March 12 captivated by a paper ballerina and attracts the ire of a nefarious Stephanie's replied, "All four of us spend a lot of time in close
Essence Parent goblin. quarters traveling together. We are really getting to know each other
The tin soldier is forced into many different adventures that
Society's St. Patrick change his life. The play takes those watching on an enchanting and bonding a lot. It has been a lot of fun."
Dinner/Dance at the journey into the world of toys. The group of performers also has
Pinegrove Hall in
Edson from 6 pm – 2
am. Dinner, dance, HRH Junior cast and crew ready to go
silent auction, taxi
service and much Each year, junior high The rest of the cast and Dakota Morton, Grace awards at the zone drama And with the amazing
more. For tickets or to students in the Drama crew is made up of a Raidan, and Morgan festival. Their plays have cast and crew that has been
donate call (780)-728- Program at Holy Redeemer mixture of experienced and Steffler. won Best Production six formed, you can bet that
6340 or see any become tremendously new faces to the one-act “This is really cool,” times since joining the these students will work
Society member. excited for the auditions festival experience. Some says Steffler, who mentions festival twelve years ago, incredibly hard to make
that will create the next cast of the veterans include she has loved drama ever including the last two this show a success.
for the junior one-act play. Lareesa Frizorguer, Alaina since she started watching years. If you would like more
March 12 And this year, sixteen grade Furegati, Austin Frazer, the HRH plays when she “It's been pretty cool to information on this article
St. Patrick's Day 7-9 students will begin the Samantha Olivier, Andy was in grade four. “I've be a part of something like please feel free to contact
Celebration supper, process of creating the most Pilon, Jordy Robinson, and waited a long time to be a this,” says Pilon, who has the school at 780-723-7437
silent auction and challenging junior play in Ava Simmons. Meanwhile, part of this program, and acted in the last two award- or
winning one-act plays,
Feel free to visit our
HRH history.
the new faces that will be
now I get to be in my
dance at MacKay “We looked at lots of making their festival second play and I get to go even winning Best Actress Facebook page, “Holy
Community Hall. different scripts,” says debuts include Kiley to Festival.” last year. “But this year is a Redeemer High School” or
Doors open 5:30 p.m., Drama Teacher Peter Bischke, Tiffany Coes, The junior high program whole new year and we our Twitter account:
supper 6:30 p.m., 18 Taylor who mentioned that Jayna Fedorak, Sean has had an excellent track have a lot of work ahead of @holyredeemerhig.
typically the junior highs
record with winning
Fogarty, Garrett Inscho,
& over. Silent auction perform comedy. “But this
donations greatly y e a r w e w a n t e d t o
appreciated. For challenge ourselves to do
ticket information call something really different,
Karen 780-795-2462 namely a drama. So we
decided on this play.”
or Darlene 7890-795- The play in question is
2350. e n t i t l e d E l e p h a n t ' s
Graveyard. It tells the story
March 12 of a circus that goes to a
small town in Tennessee in
Yellowhead Ag 1916 that ends in tragedy.
Society Mini Broncs T h e p l a y w i l l b e
for youth from 1 pm presented alongside the two
to 5 pm. at the Y.A.S. senior high plays, The
Riding Arena. Must Insanity of Mary Girard
and The Thread Men, at the
pre-register with Dessert Theatre on April 15
Travis at 780-723- and 16. Then the play will
0805. compete in the Zone 2 West
Drama Festival in Barrhead
at the end of April.
“I'm really excited to be
making my HRH one-act
debut in this show,” says
grade 9 student Jaden
Gauchier. “I came to this
See Classified Page for school in September with Members of Holy Redeemer's one-act play, Elephant's Graveyard, are excited to start rehearsing for
monthly meetings the intent of being a part of this year's spring plays. The production will be showcased at the school's Dessert Theatre on April 15
and activities this drama program. And and 16 and the Zone Drama Festival on April 29 in Barrhead. (left to right, front row) Samantha Olivier,
now I get to join this Jordy Robinson, Ava Simmons, Andrea Pilon, Lareesa Frizorguer, Morgan Steffler, (back row) Jaden
amazing cast and crew for
this very cool show.” Guachier, Samantha Ambutong, Dakota Morton, Grace Raidan, Tiffany Coes, and Jayna Fedorak.
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