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Bronze Medallion Lifeguard Courses offer challenging experience

by Miranda L'Hirondelle
Samantha Volk Senior Lifeguard and
Instructor at Repsol Place was teaching the
Bronze Medallion Lifeguard Course on
January 26 to the 28th at Repsol Place Pool.
Four candidates Kolby Ford, Emma
Dobbie, Alida Weber, and Thomas Pennings
were learning the ropes of becoming a
lifeguard. “The purpose of the Bronze
course is to teach candidates how to
perform rescues and first aid in the safest
way possible,” said Volk.
There are a lot of requirements and steps
to becoming a lifeguard such as having to
be the age of 16, having your standard first
aid or Aquatic Emergency Care, CPR,
National Lifeguard, Bronze Cross, and
Bronze Medallion. “During Bronze
Medallion, candidates obtain a CPR A
certification and CPR C in Bronze Cross,”
said Volk. Kolby Ford, Emma Dobbie, Thomas Pennings, Alida Weber and the Senior Lifeguard and Instructor
The students learn caries, removals, spinal who teaches the course Samantha Volk were attending the Bronze Medallion Course at Repsol
holds, basic first aid, and fitness skills Place Pool on January 28. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle
during the course. “Candidates are trained
to always seek help in potentially dangerous
situations, and to ensure that they follow
steps to protect themselves in all scenarios,”
said Samantha.
When asked what made the candidates
want to become a lifeguard Thomas
Pennings said, “My brother works here and
he said it was a good experience.”
When asked what the most challenging
part of the course was they all agreed;
saving people and pulling them out of the
When asked what their favorite part of the
course was the candidates agreed that the
whole experience and their coach was their
favorite. “It was a wonderful experience,”
said Pennings.
The next course will be the Bronze Cross photo Miranda L'Hirondelle
on February 2-4 for five hours each day
again. Both of the courses are certifications Alida Weber, Kolby Ford, and Thomas Pennings were all working together to pull Emma Dobbie out
through The Lifesaving Society. of the water for their Bronze Medallion Course at Repsol Place Pool on January 28.

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